5 Easy Tips To Improve The Quality Of B2B Leads!

Imagine a situation, you have spent several thousands of dollars into your big Pay Per Click (PPC) search campaign and you have also managed to bag a substantial degree of leads. So, that should mean you are rocking your conversion rates and the cost per lead is also good. What could the problem be then? The problem comes in when you begin analyzing the results and ponder a little deeper. That is when you’ll realize that a humongous amount of these leads are in general ‘junk leads’. Only a few of these may be turning into opportunities let alone the customers. The bottom line is you are perhaps not availing a healthy ROI. So, what should you be doing? You must probably find ways to improve the quality of B2B leads. Before we get to that, you must know what is a quality lead.

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Are you an SEO Professional? Use these 10 Free Google tools to be on the top

Whether you think of yourself as a content marketer, SEO marketer or an online marketer, the Digital Marketing industry has a typical love-hate relationship with Google. However, no matter what you think of the big G, there is a myriad of free tools that come with significantly helpful data. If used prudently, these can certainly help accelerate your digital marketing efforts. Unfortunately, Google has this consistent habit of either revoking back a couple of its tools or charging for its previously free tools. So, here is the 2017’s revised list of 10 free Google SEO tools that you must consider. Using one, two or all of them is indeed going to prove helpful for an SEO Professional.

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How To Activate In-built Browser Push Feature on KartRocket Store!

If you are a true marketer, chances are you’ve heard of Browser Push. In the world full of apps and websites vying for our attention, Browser Push always and forever seek our attention through pop-ups. But now, what exactly are Browser Push notifications?

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Top Myths About SEO – SEO Tactics De-Mystified Part -1

Unethical SEO or SEO Scam

Most agency out there today out there are just looking to make quick money and are no bothered about actual need of the client or looking to help them. They charge the little amount of money which seems nominal to the client. But what the clients they are paying money for nothing really. It’s appalling to see or hear people putting their hard earned money into something which is never going to give them any returns. KartRocket advice pick agency or SEO packages basis the services they would deliver and the impact it would have on your business not on the price only.

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5 Popular Apps And Tools To Help Covert Potential Buyers To Shoppers

Every eCommerce store is always on a lookout for ways and means to augment sales and traffic on their web platform. Of course, there are different ways and suggestions provided by several marketing and sales experts but you cannot implement all of it at one go. So, here we have come up with some important tools and tactics that will help you increase traffic and sales on your eCommerce portal. To help you implement these tools and tactics, there are certain apps that you can put to use. Let’s take a quick look.

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