The top 15 facebook applications for growing business!

Handling a Facebook page is harder than it sounds. One has to juggle between making daily announcements, marketing their new products, connect with potential clients who show interest in your business, connect with existing clients, keep a track of upcoming festivals, pre-plan offers according to the upcoming festive season and most importantly monitoring client feedback. Needless to say, all these help in the growth of the business.


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3 Mistaken Myths About Conversion Rate Optimization That Are Hampering Your Time!

Conversion Rate Optimization is required by any e-commerce website to function well. The main focus is to convert visitors into customers which indeed leads to benefit the business. There are several tools which help to enhance the conversion rate that is well read by experts in today’s time. But there also exists several misconceptions which are utterly vague and do not make any sense. If any website brags about the rise in its revenue just by swapping a headline, do not focus on it as it is totally misleading.

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Why Blogging Is Important For Content Marketing. How Can It Be A Game Changer?

Having a noteworthy web presence is necessary for eCommerce businesses nowadays to retain their online business spots strongly and to increase the number of web customers for their platform. We all are aware of the fact that Content Marketing has always been the distinguishing point for any business but despite that, most of the online business owners turned marketers ignore this while giving their full concentration on rest of the marketing strategies. As e-market environment is too competitive today with multiple online sellers supplying identical products, the Content Marketing publication can be a great alternative for eCommerce owners to attract and retain a huge number of web audiences as well as to engage them with their brands.

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7 Fun Video Games that add learning to your life.

You will be surprised to know that playing video games add a lot to your learning and it is not just a fruitless hobby. As a fact, there are some video games that can actually help you learn new things and expand certain life skills. Video games can never compete with conventional education methods but if you’re going to play a game, you may as well learn something in the process.

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Push your Comfort Zone with these 5 tips

Comfort zones are the space we have created over the years where our activities and actions perfectly fit into daily lives that reduce stress and risk. Comfort zones is a place that makes us feel sheltered, which in turn make us joyful because we experience lower nervousness and strain levels. But staying in your comfort zone all the time creates a stable level of performance, but in order to make the most of the performance we need to be in a comparative state of anxiety. This state is called ideal anxiety and it stays just outside of our comfort zone, which should never be misguided for having too much anxiety where we are just too strained to be fruitful. There is no surprise that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone into this optimal state of anxiety is the way to success, particularly when it comes to entrepreneurship.


Here are just some of the way to get out of your comfort zone to touch the pinnacle:

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