The Batter House: Your 1-Stop Shop For Your Baking Needs

Tell us something about the store owner/s.

It’s a team of four – three sisters and a brother – Arti, Shaili, Mohit and Pooja- all enjoying the taste of business and the rich learning coming along with it. All four are professionals and come from diverse fields. Pooja Gupta, who is an engineer and MBA by professional is the technical brain behind TBH( The Batter House).  Aarti is a chartered accountant by profession while Shaili is an Architect and Urban planner. Both are perfectionist by nature and try to customize anything and everything through subtle design elements. Mohit Gupta is a commerce professional and look after business development for the batter house.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

One evening in December 2013, four cousins went out for a casual dinner. None of them knew that this casual dinner would be one which they will never forget. Discussions happened around starting something up, doing something on our own, bouncing of ideas, idea selection, refining it, etc, etc. Post three hours of discussion over humble burgers from Dunkin donuts, we had an idea – we wanted to ease the life of home based bakers and chocolate makers (mostly ladies). We wanted them to enjoy their baking while we deliver the supplies to their doorstep. Next day onwards, all four of us deep dived into validating our idea by talking to some people from target market, understanding their pain points, the ingredients they use, their current supply sources and so on. Fact that our idea was welcomed by all with open hands was a big motivation. Once validated, we started working on our business model and setup.
Worked on identifying product importers in India, setting up the supply chain, getting the website up, finalizing name for our startup, startup branding, company formation and the list goes on. We were working on a war footing pace to launch it at the earliest. Finally on February 11th, 2014 we went live with our online store.

What is so unique about your online store?

The Batter House is a one-stop shop for people who are into baking & chocolate/desert making. It eliminates the need for our customers to visit multiple stores to get their supplies. We let bakers concentrate on what they enjoy most and that is baking!

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

Online buying of goods is still not preferred by a lot of people in India. This is the biggest challenge that we face today. Many women have home bakeries, for which they need raw material and other goods on a daily basis. They agree that it is convenient for them if all their supplies are delivered to their doorstep. But, they are not comfortable using the internet for placing the order. So, we also offer the facility of ordering over phone or Whatsapp to our customers.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

Never under estimate the power of a happy customer. One happy customer goes a long way in promoting your business. Wow the customer at every point. Even if a customer is upset, he/she can be converted to a happy one with just a little attention from you.

How was your experience with Kartrocket?

Experience with Kartrocket has been good. A set website platform and aggregated logistic service in place helped us to concentrate on other aspects of business and really helped The Batter House in going live at the earliest.

Visit their website to check out their seamless website and order some baking essentials. Don’t forget to mention your reviews below :-p

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Siri Collections: Online store for Suits, Sarees and Lehangas

Tell us something about the store owner-the brain behind the brand?

siricollections Siri collections is an idea of two sisters (K Deepthi Reddy & K Divya Reddy) with creativity and imagination put together. We discovered our passion for different designs, fabrics, artworks in India. Inspired by Indian lifestyle and clothing, we have started designing sarees and jewellery.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

As the customer base is getting increased and more and more people are interested in our products, it became increasingly difficult for us to manage everything and in the process to reach the huge customer base. Then we came to know about Kartrocket e-commerce platform which is making all our work very easy to manage.

What is so unique about your online store?

All our products designed by us and are beautifully crafted to give rich look in affordable prices. Our plan is to become one stop shop for women world.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

The major challenge we faced during the initial days of Siri collections was of course the funding and managing the day to day activities of our page. We did not receive any order in the first six months as we did not put proper marketing efforts. As the time progressed, people started ordering the products from us. It was only due to word of mouth we were able to reach the place what we are today.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

Continuous hard work, Passion towards work that you carry, excellent customer oriented service are the three ingredients of success.

How was your experience with Kartrocket?

Initially our store siri collections was with some other software provider from Mumbai and we could not continue with them as the service was poor. Then we moved to Kartrocket platform and the experience with them is amazing so far and we are very confident that they will always provide the best service to us.

Visit website to check out their seamless website. Don’t forget to mention your reviews below :-p

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Safegaurd your home and office with

 About ‘the brain’ behind ISafetyShop:
Anish Jain, who is just 21(probably the youngest entrepreneur on Kartrocket platform) and is running a security system integration company from past 1 and half year.  He is a graduate with certification in EC-council US for Ethical Hacking.
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Online Shoppee: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week

April 07, 2014 edition

cover story

online shoppee

online shoppee

Interviewing Faheem Shamshi, CEO of Online Shoppee.

Tell us about yourself.

Faheem: I am a graduate in computer applications (BCA). Internet surfing is my hobby which persuaded me to choose internet and ultimately e-commerce as a profession/career. I do not dream big but wants to stand along major kings of e-commerce world, whether it is Ebay, Tradus, Snapdeal or any other store.

When and how did you start online shoppee?

Faheem: In my college life I used to surf internet, shop online for various products. I realized that there is no e-store which sells complete range of antique, traditional, handicraft products especially wooden handicrafts. So I decided that I will lay the brick for such store and by god grace Online Shoppee, the unique handicraft e-gallery came into existence.

How is doing so far?

Faheem: Though the traffic on Online Shoppee is less as compared to other rivals but I believe in the saying ” Slow but steady wins the race” and I have noticed a regular increase in sales.

What were the major challenges when you started up?

Faheem: Initially I had to face lot of difficulties for promotion, advertisement & all that stuff that gives life to my store in terms of sale. But my hobby which is internet surfing showed me the way. I get to know how to promote & where to invest for promotional activities. If I should opt for PPC or SEO or combination of both or I should make competitors my medium of promotion.

How did you get to know Kartrocket?

Faheem: I saw an advertisement of Kartrocket which was smartstore previously on the side of my web page and thought that it can be the ladder to reach my goal.

How is your experience with Kartrocket?

Faheem: I had a great time communicating with Kartrocket staff who proved to be very helpful to me in achieving my aim….my E-STORE- online shoppee

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Posterama: Kartrocket’s Store Of The Week


march 31, 2014 edition


cover story



Manyu Angrish, Founder of Posterama

1. Tell us about yourself(for CEO/Owner).I am an elementary school teacher in a government school in Delhi. I come from Chandigarh and did most of my schooling there as an overzealous overachieving kid. I won a scholarship and spent two years in Singapore and a cocktail of bad marks, boredom and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Swades made me return to India to be a part of the change. I completed my graduation and took on several projects to that end before finally getting the Teach for India fellowship, and moving to Delhi to work here.

2. When and how did you start Posterama?

When I returned to India in 2012, I wanted to give my room a makeover. Given how lazy I was, decking it up with posters was the easiest way to go forward but I couldn’t find anything decent. I’ve never been the one to accept status quo and thus began Posterama in June, 2006. I was learning a bit of Photoshop on the side, so that was an added incentive. In all honesty, Posterama was never about money. It’s largely about experience. I plan to establish it as a small sustainable business and give it over to some smart chaps from a financially underprivileged community.

3. How is your business going so far(in terms of daily orders/traffic)?

This is the second iteration of Posterama. I ran a barebone model earlier in Chandigarh, which was suspended when I moved to Delhi a year ago. Realizing I had some time at hand, I decided to revive Posterama in a more professional capacity. It’s just been two weeks since I re-launched Posterama and I’m still in the process of charting out a marketing campaign. I’ve had about 500 unique visitors and received orders for close to 60 posters without any marketing as yet, so its looking good. I run Posterama as a hobby and I am very particular about looking after all aspects of the business myself, so I don’t want it to grow too big. I realize it doesn’t make much marketing sense but as I said Posterama’s all about quality.

4. What were the major challenges when you started up?

Sourcing good posters is always a lot of hard work that people normally tend to overlook. A lot of time goes into finding good posters and then editing them. Printing varies greatly across locations in terms of quality and price. I’m very obsessive about quality and I’ve often had to pay more than I made just to ensure that the final product is the best I can deliver.

5. How did you get to know Kartrocket?

I think I stumbled onto the website while looking for e-commerce solutions. India’s laws make it impossible to launch an e-store using foreign store fronts and the domestic market has very limited choices. Fortunately, I ran into Kartrocket that delivered beautiful interface options with an efficient back-end and a decent service.

6. How is your experience with Kartrocket and how likely are you to refer Kartrocket to your friends?

When I look back on it, my relationship with Kartrocket has been largely positive. If it weren’t for their executives, I would have continued to procrastinate and never launched Posterama, so I owe them thanks for that. Their service has been swift and they’ve always helped me whenever I ran into a roadblock. I’ve already recommended Kartrocket to several friends and will confidently continue to do so.

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