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Move Your Store to Kartrocket’s Iron Tight Secure Hosting

Online security is our business.

This is one of the key reasons we built Kartrocket so our merchants don’t have to bother with hassles around hosting and security. We’ve built our platform stack so merchants can just plug our platform into their existing IT infrastructure and leverage our word class hosting and security capabilities. Our focus on website speed and security is that of continuous improvement and have a dedicated infrastructure and network management team responsible for this. We want to strengthen the commerce ecosystem in India and want our merchants to feel safe with trusting their brands with Kartrocket.

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Data Sharing Becomes Easier With KartRocket API

Now, you can easily share your customer information, list of most viewed products and customer reward points to any other platform using an easy KartRocket API integration.

API or Application Program Interface is an interface between different software programs which helps them to interact. In other terms, API is used to communicate and facilitate data transfer from one service to another.

As per the context of KartRocket, if you want to share any of your store’s data to any other platform without revealing your store credentials, then API is the best way to do that. This way, you just share a specific part of your store’s data, without compromising with its privacy. And this data will be updated automatically.

What I Will Need To Get API?

This work only for KartRocket admin version 2. So, you need to switch to version 2 before getting started. Once, you are in Version 2, you will need the following:

• KartRocket Sub Domain
For example, if your store has a domain name “www.mystore.com,” then your kartrocket subdomain will be “mystore.kartrocket.co.”

• Web API key
To get web API key of your store, then follow these steps:
1) Login to your KartRocket store.

2) Click on Setting and then on Web API

KartRocket API

3) You will see API key. Copy it.

KartRocket API 1

• API Endpoint
This is the remote procedure call (RPC) service that provides remote methods accessible to external clients

API to “Get Customer Information”

With “Get Customer” API, you can share your customers’ details through an API. To request this API, follow these steps.

1) Send an HTTP GET request to the following URL


2) You will get the following response. In this, the developer can fetch all your customer details like name, phone number, address, etc.

KartRocket api customer

API for Most Viewed Product

With this API, you can easily show the most viewed product of your store on any other platform or website. To do this, you need to send a request on the following URL


Once, you send this, you will get details which will be shown as below. In this, you will get the product detail and number of views it got.

KartRocket API most viewed

API For Customer Reward Points

Now, you can share your customer’s reward point to any platform using the following URL


After you hit enter, you will get the following response.

KartRocket api reward points

Please note:
In all these URLs,

• mystore stands for your KartRocket store sub domain

• Web_api_key stands for your store’s API key which will you get, as discussed above.

• Number stands for the order ID for which you want to share the reward points.

To debug these responses and make it readable, you can copy this response, go to Jsonformatter and paste it. Hit Enter and it will format the data so that you can easily read it.

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Get Access To Faster And More Secure Store Reports

KartRocket has made report export faster and more secure. Now, all your reports will be easily accessible on your email. This step has been taken to make sure that your reports can be exported safely.

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ShipRocket Shipping Documents Have Been Updated

From now on, you will see a slight change in your Shipping documents, which includes your shipping label, invoice and manifest. What will be these changes? Find out here.

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Easily Access Your Robots.Txt And Sitemap.Xml Through Amazon S3

We are pleased to announce that your store’s Robots.txt and sitemap.xml file has been shifted to the cloud and are available on Amazon S3. This way, you can easily access these files. Earlier, it used to save on the KartRocket server. This action will benefit you in the following ways:

1) Less Load On Your Server. Since these data will automatically shift to S3, there will be a lesser load on the Kartrocket server.

2) Faster Loading Time. Amazon S3 is advanced object storage that will help you retrieve any amount of data from anywhere easily.

3) Send Files Anywhere Easily. Want to send your robots.txt file or XML sitemap to your SEO analyst for a consultation? All you need is to copy the URL and send it across. It’s just quick and easy.

How To Access These Files On Cloud?

Follow these steps to access your sitemap file:

1) Log in to your KartRocket store. Go to SEO and click on Manage Sitemap.xml.

robots 1

2) The following screen will appear. You can either click on “Existing Sitemap” or choose from the uploaded file and click on down arrow action button.

robots 2

3) Your robots.txt file/xml sitemap file will open in new tab. You can also copy the link to send it to anyone easily.

Why I Need These Files On My Website?

If you are wondering what these files do and why your online store needs them, then here is the brief out of the same.


Whenever Google or any other search engine wants to rank your website, they crawl through every page of your website available online, index then, and then rank your site accordingly. Robots.txt file tells these search engines which pages to index and which one to leave. This way that particular page will not be shown on the search engine pages and users will not be able to find it from there. This file is essential both for your website’s privacy and SEO.

Why would anyone want to keep their pages out of their user’s eyes? Well, there are reasons for that.

• If you have a page that has duplicate content, you don’t want search engines to index it as it will hurt your SEO.

• There are pages like Thank You page, which you don’t want your user to access unless a specific action is taken.

• There are many private files that you would like to protect.


If you want to rank easily on popular search engines, you will need an XML sitemap. It is a document that helps Google and other search engines to understand your website. It has all the URLs which you want Google to index. It is essential so that the search engines do not miss any important information while indexing, which might hurt your SEO. Other than the URLs, it also provides information like the date of the last website update, frequency of changes in the website, and other information.

The difference between robots.txt and sitemap.xml is that the former tells search engines what not to index and the other tells what to index.

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