Integrate Amazon with KartRocket

Integrate Amazon with KartRocket for Easier Product Management

Amazon is a well known name for any ecommerce seeker. You can sell an unlimited number of products and get benefitted. The best part of selling on Amazon is that you really don’t have to take the pain of website designing, developing, marketing, etc. However, you do lose a chance of brand recognition for which online store is a great option. If you wish to sell both at KartRocket store and Amazon India, then should know how to integrate Amazon with KartRocket. Just follow these steps and get ready to sell on both Amazon and KartRocket.

Registering with Amazon

To integrate Amazon with KartRocket, you need merchant ID and marketplace ID to get started. To get them, follow these steps:

1) Visit Amazon Seller Contact Us Page and fill in all the details.

2) After you have successfully signed up, you will get a username and password. Save them for future use.

3) Visit Amazon Seller Registration Page and enter your account credentials.

How to Integrate Amazon with KartRocket

4) To integrate your KartRocket store, choose “I want to give developer access to my Amazon Seller Account with MWS.” Make sure that you enter the credentials as following:

• Developer’s Name: KartRocket
• Developer Account Number: 1469-7463-9584

learn to Integrate Amazon with KartRocket

5) After clicking on Next, accept Amazon’s MWS License Agreement. Click on Next.

6) On the next page, you will get your Merchant ID and Marketplace ID. Copy them. Remember that it will not be emailed to you, therefore, it is necessary that you copy them safely. You will need them to configure Amazon App along with KartRocket’s access key and secret key.

Integrate Amazon with KartRocket 2

7) To integrate your Amazon products with KartRocket store, you will just need the Merchant ID. At the end, make sure you have the following information ready:
• Merchant ID to be used in your KartRocket Store.
• Marketplace ID is based on the countries. For India, it will be A21TJRUUN4KGV.
• AWS Access Key.
• Secret Key.

Integrating KartRocket with Amazon India

Login to your KartRocket store after entering the credentials. Click on Apps and search for Amazon. Click on Settings.

integrate amazon with kartrocket process

The following screen with appear. Since, you have already done registration with Amazon, you can directly move to step 2.

STEP 2: Authorize KartRocket

• Enter merchant ID, which has been provided to you after you registered with Amazon.

• For Advertising Key ID and Advertising Secret Key, enter 1234.

• In Out of Stock, fill in the number after which KartRocket will automatically stop synching products with Amazon. You can set this to zero.

• In Pricing Formula, you can set a percentage by which you can increase the price of the product after you sync them with Amazon. This will be applicable for all the products. If you don’t wish to change the price, then keep it as @ otherwise use “@+x%” where x is the number by which you want to increase the product price.

• Leave Price CallBack, Shipping Method and Payment Method as it is.

• Click on Save.

integrate amazon with kartrocket 3STEP 3: Map Categories

integrate amazon with kartrocket 4

Category Mapping is extremely important, if you wish to show your products to the right audience. In this step, you have to choose the categories of your KartRocket store which is to be synced with Amazon. After you are done with it, simply click on Save.

STEP 4: Upload And Sync

• Test whether you have clearly mentioned the product data which is to be sent to Amazon. You can click on “Lookup Now” to check.

integrate amazon with kartrocket 5

• After you have checked, uncheck “Lookup Only” and then click on “Synchronize Now.” You will get a success message.

integrate amazon with kartrocket 6

• You can go to your Amazon seller central account to check your product.

STEP 5: Import Orders

You can import all your Amazon order to your KartRocket admin panel easily. All you need is to follow these steps:

• Enter the date (From and To) of orders which you want to import.

• Click on Orders to start fetching your data

integrate amazon with kartrocket 8

• Select the order which you want to import. Click on “Get Details for Selected Orders.” This will get you detailed information of your order.

• After you have selected the order and checked their detail (if needed), you can click on “Import Selected Orders.”

integrate amazon with kartrocket 7

• The selected order will automatically import to your Order Section.

STEP 6: Send Shipping Information

This step is extremely important, if you want Amazon to pay you for the sales. Update this regularly to avoid any problem. Send your product shipping information to Amazon using these steps.

• Go to Step 6. Choose the date (both From and To) and click on “Look Up Now.”

integrate amazon with kartrocket 9

• You will get a list of all imported Amazon orders. Choose the orders which you have shipped.

• Click on “Update Status for Selected Order.” This will automatically update the status on Amazon as well.


If you integrate Amazon with KartRocket, you can easily sync all your orders to KartRocket panel and manage it using a single platform. Just follow these steps and you are good to go! Facing issues during the integration process? Call your Project Manager or leave your queries in the comments.

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republic day offers

How To Introduce Republic Day Offers With KartRocket Apps?

Republic Day is round the corner and it is the perfect occasion for you to start your sale and offer special discounts and offers to your customers. If you are lucky enough to have your online store on KartRocket platform, then here is the list of the best Republic Day offers apps especially available for our clients. These apps will offer your customers a seamless experience at your store.

We understand the importance of coupons and discounts for any store owner. That is why, we have various apps which will help you to create coupons on your store, offer discounts and highlight them for your customers.

How to Create Coupons on KartRocket Store

Before, you announce any discounts, you need to create coupons for your website. To do this on KartRocket app, follow these steps:

1) Login to your store. On the left side categories, click on Coupon and then click on Create Coupon. The following screen will appear.

introduce republic offers

2) Type in the coupon name, code (which your customer will use to get discount).

3) Describe the type of discount, as in whether it will in percentage or a fixed amount. Enter the amount in Discount tab.

4) Decide whether you want to offer discounts on total cart value or just on the product total. Enter the minimum amount on which the discount will be applicable.

5) Choose product on which the coupon will work. You can choose a specific product or complete category.

6) Choose whether you want your customer to login to avail the coupon or not. In the next step, choose whether you want to offer free shipping or not.

7) Choose the start and end date of your coupon validity. Next, type the number of coupon and users the coupon can be used.

8) Choose the customer group where the coupon will be validated. Put a description of the coupon, if any.

9) Enable the status and save to validate coupon and discount on your store.

10) You can also manage these coupons by clicking on “Manage Coupons” on the same left side category.

Other KartRocket Apps to Introduce Republic Day Offers

After creating coupons, you can display your discounted products, send emails and shipping offers using the following apps:

Mailchimp Connector

Integrate your KartRocket store with Mailchimp connector and start sending bulk emails to your customer announcing Republic Day offers along with the Coupon Code, which has been generated. You can customize your emails and send to any number of customers.

Discounted Products

Display discounted products with new price and discount percentage on your store home page. Let your customer look at these products the first thing in your store. Choose the image dimension, name of page and position where it will be shown. Enable it status and save changes.

Free Shipping

If you are still charging shipping fees from your customer, then this Republic Day offer free shipping to them using our Free Shipping app. All you need is to choose the minimum cart value and zones. Enable its status and save changes.

Store Credit

Let your customer use the store credit during their checkout. Deduct the credit amount from the total order value using this app.

Reward Points

Offer discounts on your store by deducting reward points earned by your customer. Use Reward Points app to deduct reward points during checkout.

Lightbox Popup

Get techy and use HTML code to get a popup on your online store as soon as your visitor enters it. You can show your discounts or let them register in your store. Don’t forget to save changes to apply this on your store.

Gift Wrapping

Offer option of gift wrapping so that your customer can shop for gifts for their loved ones. Choose additional price of gift wrapping along with the maximum amount of product. Enable the status and save changes.

Upsell Alert

Show shipping discounts on your products during checkout using Upsell Alert app. Upload banner template so that your customer cannot miss the offer. For more information on this, click here.

Other than this, you can create customized Republic day banners in just Rs. 500. Hire freelancers from India’s first online workplace, Taskr. Also, share your experiences of these apps in the comment section below.

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build customer relationship

Build Customer Relationship With Interakt And Increase Revenue

Even after you have created an impeccable ecommerce store with great product, the next battleground is to build customer relationship. This is the secret to a successful business. If you maintain a good relationship with your customers, they will boast about your store and products and bring friends with them. Thus, increasing your business revenue as well.

However, maintaining customer relationship is a challenge for any ecommerce entrepreneur. You need to be in touch with them constantly and offer instant support, whenever they need. As an ecommerce platform provider, KartRocket understand the need to build customer relationship and how it leads to a profitable business. This is why, we have integrated your store with Interakt, a powerful customer engagement tool to build customer relationship. Other than this, this tool will also help you in leads management, maintaining customer data and much more.

Why Use Interakt To Build Customer Relationship And Increase Revenue?

The best thing about Interakt is that you can do various tasks using a single tool. It is surely a complete customer engagement tool, which is a must have for any ecommerce store owner. Let’s check how Interakt will help you in customer engagement.

Lead Management

Interakt offers you a platform to capture leads using forms like ‘Contact Us.’ You can also add leads manually or by importing them in csv or xls format easily. During the process, you save time and there is no data loss. After collecting leads, you can easily categorize them based on various data values and connect with them using email, which can be triggered automatically.

Get User Data

Interakt helps you to create funnels to track users in real time on your website. You can use the user data and divide them into various segments. For the purpose of marketing, you can access user data through social media and understand your users better. Other than this, you can save all the email, chat and other user history and view them anytime to keep a track on the progress.

Email Marketing

For any ecommerce store owners, email marketing is a powerful tool. You can use this tool to build customer relationship and create customized e-mails using pre-built templates and trigger emails automatically or manually to your customers. You can also keep a check on the impact of those email marketing campaigns through the stats offered in the back end.

Live Notifications To Users

You can announce any offer or changes in your store or its products using the live notification feature of Interakt. All you need is to integrate their javascript and your website is ready to display any updates, customized and displayed in multiple styles. Also, keep a check on the impact, which these notifications made on your store.

Offer Support Through Live Chat

Resolve customer queries by offering live chat option on your website, which is powered by Interakt. You can easily customize the message, which you want to show on your Live Chat. You can also hold the live chat support for some time using its smart offline mode. Save all chat history and view anytime for reference.

Collect Feedback

Want to build customer relationship by offering them what they want? Interakt can help you with it. Use Interakt as a helpdesk for your store by creating feedback forms and sending them to your customers via email. Collect these feedback based on different segments and view results. Use them to offer better service and support to your customers.

How To Integrate Interakt On Your Kartrocket Store?

Integrating your KartRocket store is a seamless process. All you need is to follow these steps and you are good to go.

1. To get started, create an account on Interakt, which is free of cost.

2. Now, Login to your Interakt account. Go to Settings, then Integration and then click on KartRocket. Here, you will get a unique App ID. Click on Copy Code.

build customer relationship with interakt

3. Login to your KartRocket store. Click on Apps from the various categories on left side.

4. Click on Marketing and activate it by clicking on Install. If it is already installed, then click on Setting.

use interakt to build customer relationship

5. Once, the app has been activated, a popup will come, asking for APP ID. Paste the copied App ID from Step 3 and save Changes.

build customer relationship and increase revenue

6. Reload the page.

7. Great! Your KartRocket store is integrated with Interakt.

What Is The Cost Of Interakt For KartRocket Merchants?

Here is the fee of Interakt for KartRocket merchants and features, which you will get.

Get Interakt to build customer relationship

The comment box below is waiting for you. Do give your feedback 🙂

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free ecommerce website

Get Your Free Ecommerce Website With Kartrocket Studio Plan

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