5 New Kartrocket Apps to Rocket Your World!

Guess what,  we have introduced 5 new KartRocket Apps in your app store to rocket your online world 


1. WebEngage: Get the free account and use it to push event based or behavior based notifications and gather feedback from customers.

2. Olark Chat: We already supported Zopim, but now we have Olark too! Some of our customers feel it looks nicer.

3. Many Contacts: Want to capture email addresses at every opportunity on your KartRocket store? Well, now you can! Get the free ManyContacts toolbar by using our latest app.

4. Punch Tab: Get viral with Punch Tab. Setup rewards, badges and points for social engagement. Go crazy, make it viral. Now.

5. Lexity Live: Ever wanted to get live analytics for your store? Wanted to interact with your users? While they were stuck on the shopping cart? Now you can ! Checkout this nifty and free application from Yahoo.

The best part? These apps are available in all plans !

So head on to your app store and try it today!

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6 KartRocket Apps to Promote Social and Viral Growth for Your Online Store

In today’s internet marketing world, it is important to capitalize on word of mouth marketing. But this is not possible without the right tools.

To this end, KartRocket provides several built in social tools and viral growth apps that can help your store sky rocket it’s online sales.

Social Discount: This nifty apps gives your users a discount if they like or tweet about your store. Guess what, once they do that, it goes into their twitter stream or facebook wall and their friends, who by the way share the same demographics as your user, are more than likely to at least check out (if not outright buy from) your website.

Refer Friends at Checkout: This app will allow your customers to share their purchase on checkout to their social networks. A special link will be sent out by which the customers’ friends can click and purchase from the online store. The result? Both the customer and their friend get a discount. You get another sale

Coupon on Purchase: The Coupon on Purchase App generates a coupon automatically after success purchase and generates a mail to the customer automatically. This ensures your customers are enticed to come back and shop again.

Register and Get Store Credit: This App empowers the store to give Welcome Credit (Store Credit) to a new registration. This is an amazing tool to convert a potential client who has visited your store and thus improving your customer acquisition cost. Also, once you get the customers email address, you can always reach out to them with special offers and deals.

To view more apps, please visit https://360.shiprocket.in/apps

Social and Viral Growth

In addition to the bundled apps you get with KartRocket, you can also use several third party plugins to optimize sales and make your store go viral such as the following:

  1. Viral Mint (http://www.viralmint.com)
  2. ManyContacts (http://www.manycontacts.com)
  3. PunchTab (http://www.punchtab.com)
  4. ViralSweep (http://www.viralsweep.com/)

If you need help integrating any of the above internal or external apps, please feel free to get in touch with your RocketBuddy or send an email to support@kartrocket.com or call us at +9015644441.

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Diy E-com Platform Kartrocket Raises Funds From 5Ideas Startup Superfuel & 500 Startups

Delhi Based startup BigFoot Retail Solutions Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates KartRocket.com, a do-it-yourself (DIY) e-commerce platform for Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retailers has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from 5ideas Startup Superfuel and 500 Startups. 5ideas Startup Superfuel led the round, which also saw participation from  Jatin Aneja, partner at Amarchand Mangaldas.

The funds will be used for increasing sales, as well as scaling technology and services offered. 500 Startups provides early-stage companies with up to $250K in funding, its startup accelerator program, as well as participation in events like SmashSummit and GeeksOnaPlane.

Pankaj Jain, venture partner at 500 Startups, said, “The ability to sell across multiple markets and countries plus being able to manage the whole process from one dashboard is critical for retailers. The Kartrocket team has built a platform that solves a tremendous pain point for retailers and we are very happy to have their team join the 500 Startups family in India.”

Read More Here: http://techcircle.vccircle.com/2013/07/23/do-it-yourself-e-com-platform-kartrocket-raises-seed-funding-from-5ideas-startup-superfuel-500-startups-others/

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Kartrocket raises seed investment from 5ideas Startup Superfuel and 500 Startups

Kartrocket a do-it-yourself ecommerce platform received funding from 5ideas Startup Superfuel, 500 Startups and angel Jatin Aneja. This portal has been launched by Delhi-based retail startup BigFoot, co-founded by Saahil Goel, Gautam Kapoor and Vishesh Khurana. The site aims to help Indian SMEs launch their online sales by providing storefront designs, domestic and international payment options, shipping tie-ups with domestic and international logistic carriers. Stores on Kartrocket are mobile ready and can be used by Indian SMEs to sell across web and mobile devices.

Kartrocket also helps SMEs sell more by integrating with marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. With in built marketing features like coupons, viral marketing tools, gift certificates, Facebook selling, automatic onsite SEO and more, Kartrocket wants to be the smartest DIY platform for merchants. Merchants can buy a basic store on Kartrocket for Rs 500 per month and get a fully loaded one for Rs 7000 per month.

Read More Here: http://yourstory.in/2013/07/kartrocket-raises-seed-investment-from-5ideas-startup-superfuel-and-500-startups/

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DIY Ecommerce platform Kartrocket raises seed investment from 500Startups and 5ideas

Delhi Based Startup BigFoot Retail Solutions, which has recently launched Kartrocket, a DIY ecommerce platform for Indian SMEs and retailers, has raised a seed round of funding from 5ideas Startup Superfuel, 500Startups and angel Jatin Aneja.

The raised funds will be used for scaling sales, service and technology.

With the help of Kartrocket, companies can launch their own online sales platforms and select storefront designs, integrate payments including a COD option. It also includes a shipping platform ShipRocket integrated with Indian and international logistics providers with a single shipping dashboard. It can also help sellers in shipping and managing orders across online marketplaces too and offers mobile ready solution.

Read More Here: http://www.iamwire.com/2013/07/diy-ecommerce-platform-kartrocket-raises-seed-investment-from-500startups-and-5ideas/

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