benefits of alt tags

Now Upload Alt Tags For All The Images In Bulk!

What are Alt text?

 Alt text (alternative text) is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute with images to tell website viewers the nature or contents of an image. The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image. In a situation where image is not visible to viewer, the alternative text ensures that no information is lost.

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Automated Facebook Posts – A New Step towards Marketing of Your Brand Name

Facebook is one of the hottest social media platform and it is an effective way to reach new leads and build customer engagement with the brand. But, it works when you understand how to navigate through the noise. Standing out with content can be critical, and testing what works for you makes users understand your message at a glance. And how about engaging a customer with your brand in real time?

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Boost Your Sales & Improve Website Conversion With Our New “Dynamic Product Widgets”

In the age of constant change and crisp updates from every firm and organisation that has an online presence, the need to keep your website lively and updated has risen unexpectedly. No customer wishes to view the same landing page every second day. As a recommended feature for a successful website, Dynamic Widgets are seen as a pivotal tool to enhance the way in which your website operates. Widgets are the most authentic way to keep your content fresh, without the need for acute involvement of your tech team. This simple yet highly useful tool enables you to place new arrivals, trending products and live feed updated on any landing page, as desired.

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Kartrocket instagram feed app

Show Your Instagram Feeds On Your Website With Our “Instagram Feed” app. Learn How?

Learn why you should have an active Instagram account & why you should activate our new “Instagram Feed” app.

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We Have Moved Some Of Our Apps & Widgets to a New Position!

We’ve done some changes in our admin panel, few of our apps have now been moved to a new location. This is done to increase the ease of access & group similar functionalities together.

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