How To Choose A Great Ecommerce Domain Name?

ecommerce domain name

So, you have decided on starting a new online business and you probably want to look for a perfect domain name for its registration. You would want your brand name to resonate the nature of your Ecommerce business while having a greater recall value. This is probably when you should consider choosing a valid Ecommerce domain name for your venture. Domain names are the pathways for customers to connect with your brand. A good domain name not only helps in boosting your sales revenue, but also helps with the “word-of-mouth” marketing- the better your domain name is, the more recall value it would add, leading to improved revenue generation.

Tips To Choose The Perfect E-Commerce Domain Name

When trying to look for a perfect domain name for your online business, chances are that you will get lost in the options. So, here are a few tips that can help you highlight your business and brand.

Keep it Simple: Domain names must be easy to remember and customers can associate it with your brand. It must hold a robust “memorable” value to make it more effective when you want to spread the word about your business in the market.

Avoid Controversies: Try not to get into controversial names, which sound profane or similar to an existing domain name, rather it should be unique. Copying other brand names is not only an unethical practice, but you may end up losing your credibility in the market.

Creativity Sells: Be as creative as you can when trying to consider an E-Commerce domain name for your business. You should opt for simple words to phrases or abbreviations that will generate interest and people can easily relate to your web store. Your brand name should be catchy and creative while keeping the simplicity factor in mind.

Optimize Well: You would want your E-Commerce domain name to be search engine friendly. This will ensure better listing of your website on popular search engine results of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. An SEO-friendly domain name improves the visibility and credibility of your business.

Benefits of E-Commerce Domain Name Hosting Websites

A premium domain-name hosting site will suggest multiple and effective names for your web store, and assist you with the website development. A plethora of hosts has successfully created brands in the market, here are a few to name:

Go Daddy: This is one of the more popular hosting websites where E-Commerce domain name can be generated along with the registration process at competitive rates.

Big Rock: One of the pioneers of hosting sites, Big Rock has been servicing many businesses with web hosting solutions of all kinds.

Host Papa: Counted among unique hosting companies, Host Papa provides 100% eco-friendly web hosting solutions to business. They use renewable energy sources to operate their hosting services.

Hosting Raja: An innovative web hosting service provider that has emerged lately in the market and made web hosting available for customers at affordable prices.

eWeb Guru: Established in 2003, this power packed web hosting service provider has inculcated affordable hosting plans in its service-line for their customers. Affordable plans are available for fast and reliable service provided by this hosting website.

Many organizations and established brands have opted for hosting websites and created a strong brand presence for themselves in the market. A brand name is permanent and you will probably want it to stick with your business in the long run. Therefore, invest a good amount of time and mind when choosing a perfect E-Commerce domain name.


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