Last Minute Christmas Marketing Tips To Drive More Sales In Less Cost

Christmas marketing

Whether you pass any store on the street or browsing any ecommerce website, everything is screaming the arrival of the Christmas holiday season. However, it is important for every ecommerce entrepreneur to know that Christmas and New Year is not a busy season just for their shopper but also for the owners as well. Especially, if your online store is into highly competitive business, you need to make sure that your Christmas marketing guns are completely loaded and ready to fire amazing holiday deal and offers to your customers.

Many online store owners start preparing their website and Christmas marketing campaigns weeks before the holiday season. However, if you haven’t started yet, it is never too late. Let’s check out the last minute Christmas marketing tips for your online store to drive maximum traffic and increase sales.

1) Start With Email Marketing

If you are thinking of increasing your ecommerce site’s sale by 15%, then send an email blast to your customer base. Build a compelling email message; include an enticing coupon code that your customer would not like to miss. Don’t forget an attractive Call to Action button, which is directed to your store. For more information about effective email marketing strategy, click here. You can also run separate email marketing campaigns for your existing customers, abandoned carts or new customers as well. This not only increases your sales but also build a positive customer relationship.

2) Don’t Forget Content Marketing

There is no doubt that content is the king. Whether it’s your search engine ranking, customer engagement or social media, an interesting content is enough to drive traffic to your website. Make sure that you write compelling blogs, social media posts, articles, press releases. An enticing video is also a part of video marketing. Make sure that it is not merely a sales pitch, but an informative, engaging or entertaining content. A different way of promoting what you are selling.

3) Make Your Website Christmas Ready

So, you have blasted all Christmas offers, discounts, emails as well as content, but your main website is not giving a Christmas holiday feeling. It just cannot work right. Your website is your storefront. It is necessary to revamp and give it a holiday look. Update your logo, banner as well as content for Christmas holidays. You can hire freelancers for any kind of Christmas tasks from Taskr. Also, make sure that you promote favorable products, offers and discounts on your homepage and instantly attractive visitors.

4) Keep Your Social Media Ready

If you are not a really big fan of social media, then believe me, you are losing a great market a potential customer for your products. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other, it gives a direct access of your products to potential customers. Therefore, social media marketing is an important Christmas marketing tactic for your ecommerce store. So, how can you use social media marketing for Christmas? Find out here.

Store Updates

Right from new product arrivals to promotional discounts; keep your social media page updated with the latest happening on your ecommerce site. Include images or videos for more customer engagement.

Profile Image and Cover Photo

The Christmas holiday is a perfect time to change your social media profile picture and cover photo (in case of Facebook and Twitter). Upload a Christmas/New Year theme image. In your cover picture, you can include promotional offers or any other pertinent information.

Interesting Social Media Post

It is never a good idea to make your social media page a sales pitch for your products. Other than this, include posts that make your social media page lighter and interesting. You can share some video or quote related to Christmas. Also, include some fun facts, which people would like to share.

Run Contest or Offer Gift Cards

If you want more and more people to know about your online store, then attract more potential customers. Contests and Gift cards are a perfect Christmas marketing tactics, which will help you get more people onto your website.

5) Go for Paid Christmas Marketing

Other than these, you always have an option to go for paid Christmas marketing like PPC ads, Facebook ads and more. Search for Christmas related keywords or relevant audience, spend some money and run ads on them. This will surely give more visibility to your brand and surely help you generate more sales.

6) Send Personalize Messages To Loyal Customers

Everyone likes receiving holiday greetings and messages and so do your customers. Express your gratitude by sending a personalize holiday message to your customers. This is a great way to stay in touch with them. Other than this, you can send a direct message on Twitter or Facebook. A simple, sales-free greeting always works, not only by building your brand but also strengthen your customer’s patronage, leading to more sales in the future.

So, which of these Christmas marketing tactics worked for your online store? Or, you have any other effective Christmas marketing tactic for this Christmas, we would love to know! Just leave your comments below.

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