How to Compete with eCommerce Giants like Amazon – A Guide

How to Compete Big eCommerce Companies - Strategy

New entrants in any business have to face the challenge of existing and dominant companies. In spite of the presence of these powerful eCommerce companies, many start-up companies successfully compete and establish themselves. This is not by chance but requires thoughtful planning and effective execution.

These are the methods that help you compete against big eCommerce companies, like Amazon:

Personalized Care

Buyers, both existing and new, would love to get personalized care from sellers of goods and services. Customer interaction is of prime importance nowadays, and any service provider neglecting their customers should be prepared to lose favors. Personal care in the form of a welcome letter, requesting suggestions, and sending out mailers for new products go a long way in creating a buyer-seller bond.

Round the Clock Availability

Being available 24 hours a day on all seven days of a week increases the trust of a customer on a seller. This availability could be in the form of live chat through a dedicated website. Taking personal opinions from end–users, attending to queries immediately, could make a small eCommerce site more acceptable than larger companies.

Knowing your Customers Better

For a new supplier, it is easy to maintain a proper database of customers as they are comparatively smaller than a larger supplier. For a large eCommerce company, it is neither feasible nor possible to keep a track of all its buyers. They only remain in touch with few distinguished buyers.
Such is not the case with new business entrants. For them every single buyer is important and efforts should be always on for staying in close contact with them. If a handful of consumers could be kept satisfied, then they would recommend others. Clientele base increases thus.

Creating Credibility for Your Online Business

Market credibility is a vital factor contributing to a company’s acceptance by the masses. This is created by the mass or customers buying your product or service. Complete transparency in business dealings is the key to creating market credibility for a start-up company. It needs to be remembered that no company started in a big way, but as a new entrant. Through honest efforts and transparent business processes, it is possible to become a dominant market player.

Certain easy ways to build credibility for your online business are:

  • Displaying every product or service offered for sale with relevant details;
  • Sticking to the price that is shown on the web page;
  • Maintain delivery schedule;
  • Assurance of safe and undamaged delivery;
  • Instant exchange of the commodity in case of wrong or damaged shipment;
  • An offering of money-back guarantee for products to underline their ingenuity;
  • Publishing customer reviews of products.
  • No hidden costs


An important aspect of any eCommerce site is the pricing of its commodities. Buyers should be charged whatever is shown on the website. Elements of hidden costs must be removed so as to avoid confusions in buyers’ minds. In case delivery charges are additional, they should be mentioned likewise. Customers always prefer a clean bargain. For a startup eCommerce company, a clean unambiguous pricing is always advisable.

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