Content Marketing Ideas that you should include in your action plan right away


About a decade ago, only a handful of people knew about content marketing. Today just about every brand is investing in original content in the form of articles, blog posts, guest posts, eBooks, social media posts, and more. It simply goes without saying, the wider you are capable of casting your net, the better will be the results produced by you. Conclusively, you must come up with new and improved content marketing ideas so as to publish engaging content.  

A recent study reveals that more than 78% of the top marketers are creating more content then they were producing a year ago. Bottom line is – Content is not just about text but also about audio files, visual content, slide shows and alike.

Here is a list of 13 Content Marketing Ideas that can be included in your action plan right away to reap incredible benefits. 

1. Co create content

Co-creation is indeed one of the fastest and the most effective means to drastically augment the reach of your content. Compile a piece by collaborating with the experts of the industry and present the ideas to reach a wider customer base.  

2. Use infographics, graphs and charts

Worried about putting forth a complex idea? Not sure how to translate it in words? Make use of a helpful visual. Rather than words, if you explain an idea in the form of graphs, infographics, diagrams and charts, it is easier for the customers to comprehend.

3. Employee Profiles

Your team includes a group of interesting people. Wouldn’t it be interesting to feature their stories? This can be presented in a variety of ways. Write a short bio that brings forth the hobbies, interests and passions of your employees. You can frame a questionnaire and get answers from your employees. Thereafter, write down these questions and answers. This definitely is one of the easiest means to generate quality content. It helps the customers know who they’re dealing with.  

4. Thought Leader Interviews

Try and catch leaders from your industry and request an interview from them. In the interview, you can ask them every possible doubt, query or question that a startup or a new organization in the industry may possibly have. This can be an interactive means to engage more and more people that belong to a similar industry as you.

5. Use Animated Gifs

Everyone, right from the age group of 5 to 50 loves animated GIFs. GIFs are often short, crisp and humorous clips that have long been the domain of humor lovers. Today, these GIFs seem to be an ideal way to break up the content.

6. Social Photography

Have a photographer on board? Hand over a DSLR to him and you can use the resulting images as a pictorial content to publish on your website. HD images never go out of vogue.

7. Tip Sheets

Almost everyday your customer support representatives might be receiving calls from the customers seeking help on a particular topic, section or idea related to your website. Simply put forth the step by step guide and you can definitely generate substantial amount of traffic.

8. Prepare Product Comparison Guides

It wouldn’t take too long to compile a chart that informatively compares the products and the services offered by you to those offered by your competitors. This definitely will help you grab ample number of readers.

9. Have online communities

Give your customers a forum or a community where they can interact and put forth their views and ideas. You too can interact with your customers and answer their questions via these communities.

10. Buyer’s Guides

Is there any pitfall of making a purchase in your industry? Is there anything in particular that you wish to let the customers know about the new product? When you answer the questions that the customers are seeking, you are likely to engage a huge reader base.

11. Run contests

Want to grab attention for your store? Run contests on the social media platforms and give freebies or giveaways to the winners. Your freebies don’t need to be too expensive. Anything that is interesting and attractive works well.

12. Tell about your next big sale

Have an upcoming festive sale? Season sale? Month end sale? Holiday sale? This sale? That sale? Whatever it is, if you have a sale being organized on your store, share it on your blog and every social media platform. There’s nothing that attracts customers more than sales.

13. Posts

Only content that is better than the list posts is the posts. These are created in real time via a collaborative process. posts also help you convert your blog into a strategy session or an interactive debate for better engagement.

Final Say

Here we have presented 13 most important and easy content marketing ideas. You can use one or more or all of these ideas and let us know how well they worked for you!

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