How To Increase Traffic On Website Using Different Content Strategy?

content strategy

Content strategy is an important part of online marketing. However, many marketers live in a myth that content strategy just includes writing blogs and publishing them on your website or social media pages. But, on the contrary, it is much more than just writing blogs.

Today, the dynamics of Google as well as online users has changed. Today, both of them are hungry for fresh and informative content. And this hunger is never-ending. Although the internet is flooded with content, however, a high quality, unique content always stands out. Not only it drives more traffic, but also plays an important part in brand building and lead generation.

To stand out among the piles of content, you need to come up with something new. Some new type of content may bring fresh traffic, targeted customer, better conversion rates, more visibility on search engines as well as generating leads. Not sure where to start from? Here is the list of the different types of content that will should be included in your ecommerce content strategy.

1) Blogs

When we talk about content strategy, blog is the first thing that pops in our mind. If you want to take your first step in the field of the content marketing and get your blog and start writing. You can include small write-ups about what your customer wants to know, about your company or discuss about your industry trends. A highly informative blog not only ranks on popular search engines, but also drags more traffic to your website.

2) Infographics

Looking for the best way to communicate your concept, represent your data, statistics in a digital friendly way, then infographic is your best bet. A good infographic is not only loved by everyone. It also gets the maximum likes and shares on social media. However, it has become a common affair today. To really make an impact, you need to come out with something great that make it worth sharing.

3) Memes

Whether you want to engage visitors on your website or social media, nothing works better than humorous content strategy. A meme is the latest internet trend that entices the audience with a funny image couples with a clever phrase. Today, it works best in online marketing and PR. It gets the maximum share, thereby increasing your brand reach.

4) Videos

You must be already aware of the face that Youtube is the second largest search engine. Uploading and sharing videos on Youtube can drive huge traffic. But, did you know that videos can be the part of a great content strategy. A good 2-3 minute video informing users about your company, product/services, etc. You can embed this video with our content for better communication. Creating video is not a costly affair anymore. Today, there are various website available online from which you can easily create videos at cheaper rates.

5) How To Guides

The how-to guides are a popular content strategy in ecommerce. A good and informative how-to article will long tail search won’t only rank great on search engines but also drive more traffic. In this type of content, all you need is to take one problem, explain the solution in easy steps, give the result and conclude the discussion in the end. You can get inexhaustible topics for your how-to guides. Also, include diagrams, images, videos to further enhance it.

6) Product Descriptions and Reviews

Want more people to buy products from your online store, then include detailed information about the product on its page. You can also include product reviews to attract more potential customers. You can ask your customer to include the experience with the provide and recommendations. Include each and every detail of your product like the product name, manufacturer, advantages, disadvantages. Also, a call to action is must.

7) Opinion Post/ Open Letter

This is the best content strategy for instant recognition of your brand. It is not targeted for sale or lead generation, but just for brand visibility. This is quite different from your regular blog or article, mainly because of its tone. It is a stronger and expressive form of content where you take up a hot topic and provide your opinion about it. However, this cannot be used as a daily or weekly thing as it might hamper your brand image. Also, you need your content one to be civil and not rash.

8) Research/Case Studies

Today, the audience is craving for unique and original information. The best way to provide that is writing the research content or a case study. This type of content offer a result or a proof about a certain strategy, whether it will work or not for your business. Do a proper research, surveys and provide conclusion in your content. If you do it right, your hard work will be surely respected. Present your data in an interesting way and share all the numbers, percentages, survey results for maximum engagement. This is a long process, but surely fruitful.

Say Yes To Effective Content Strategy

Now, you are aware of the other content strategy, other than blogs, which you can follow to build up more customer base. However, these are not the compulsory content strategy. You can experiment with more types of content to check which works for your business. In case, you need some basic tips and tricks on content marketing strategy, then click here.

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