5 Tips to Go Crazy with Creative Coupon Creation

Online stores are all about marketing. If you know how to sell only then will you prosper and profit. And anyone can tell you about people’s weird shopping tactics. They would go for a sale and buy stuff on 20% off even if it meant paying for stuff that was never intended to be bought. They want to spend less money on even the most bizarre stuff. And what better cheat codes could exist in selling, than coupons. They don’t cut into the sellers’ pockets and makes consumers really attracted to your store. It’s a win-win strategy that one should learn to implement properly.

Price sensitive consumers want deals, and smart local companies realize coupons are a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Increasingly, local businesses are eager to use online coupons as a simple, cost-effective way to attract local customers.

The reason Domino’s gained popularity was due to its four-window coupons that came attached to every pizza you ordered. They were pretty tempting if you ask me, something that made me order pizzas every weekend. But in case of online stores what would attract customers most? Well let’s dissect the very essence of effective coupon creation.

1.    Cut through the crowd

Make it noticeable is the first thing to bear in mind. I know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and all that, but this is marketing not drama class.

[one_third] It should be catchy and must stand out among other coupons. Remember e-commerce is a tough competition. Grabbing the eye of potential customers is your best shot here. Make it look good and striking by adding flashy slogans and pretty product pictures.

You could do it with a “season’s special” thing too. Also don’t overdo it or the user will get the impression of desperation which is definitely not good.

 2.    Relevance and No Hidden Texts

The product image should be carefully printed. If it looks really tempting or alluring only then use it. Or else it could have a rather contradictory effect on the customer’s mind. Also make sure all relevant details regarding the offer are always clearly written. It should be clear and concise with no beating around the bush.

Put the terms and conditions regarding the offer noticeably. Use proper bar code and/or the tracking code if needed. In case your coupons are user- specific mention that too. It’s rather annoying when one turns up with a coupon and finds he is illegible to use it.

 3.    Relate to your Audience

Always think first, what kind of customers are you aiming at? What would they be buying on a large scale? If your coupon aims at selling something that is not on top of one’s shopping cart, they will dismiss your coupon without a second glance. Instead manipulate their choices smartly. Club offers of easily sold items with not very widely selling items. It’s going to be a better employed discount coupon that way.

4.    Decent Discounts and Offers

Don’t make offers only for the sake of it. Put some thought and material into it. Studies show that effective offers start at least 20% off. In the age of daily needs, less than that is more easily dismissed. If you say ₹100 off on something that costs ₹5000, you just gave a discount of 2%! That is ridiculously discouraging. In fact with such a sad coupon you could almost end up losing some precious existing customers! Stop being such a Scrooge, business is not always about winning extravagantly. Sometimes a little less profit is acceptable. Establish yourself through such advertising policies first you can crib over your earning later.

 5.    Offer valid till stocks last

Yes, I am aware that the e-store stocks will last for a long time but don’t let customers take you fore granted. Always create a sense of urgency in your buyers’ minds. They should feel a time bondage to using these coupons.

Experiment with expiration dates. A date that is too close can be disastrous if your marketing strategy doesn’t get the coupon out in time. Plus it doesn’t give people enough time to redeem it. A date too far away will be forgotten. In my reckoning, 2 weeks to 1 month can be a good time frame for a coupon expiration date.

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