Crisper and 1000% Faster Images for Your KartRocket Store using Akamai CDN and Cloudinary

As per this article on Kissmetrics Blog (, the following parameters are a MUST for an ecommerce site when it comes to serving images:

1. Correct compression settings without losing quality
2. Lazy load of images so webpages load faster
3. Faster load time of images
4. Browser side caching of images
5. Effective use of a CDN

With recent changes made by KartRocket, we’ve done all of the above!

We’re now using a dynamic image resizing service from Cloudinary (read about it here: which uses Akamai CDN to serve all your ecommerce site images. This makes us the ONLY website provider in India to offer Akamai for all our customers absolutely free. Akamai is used worldwide by companies such as Facebook, BBC, Overstock, IBM, Rakuten and General Motors.

We were earlier on Amazon Cloudfront which has response times of 80-100ms in India. Akamai on the other hand has response times of 8-10ms! This should give your websites an instant boost and should make them more available to your end customers. Akamai has over 100 edge locations in India (while AWS Cloudfront has only 2). An edge locations means no matter where your customers access your ecommerce site – whether they’re in Bangalore or Bhopal, they will always be served image content from a server MUCH closer to them, thereby enhancing their overall experience. Therefore, the more localized edge locations exist, the faster your end users will receive your content.

Your image URLs will now look like this:,h_570,c_pad,f_auto/

This image is currently loading in 168ms, as per test results from Pingdom!!

When we access the same image from our previous CDN (Cloudfront), the result is 2 seconds! As you can see there is clear speed jump by a factor of 152x! 🙂


Akamai Edge:

Cloudinary also optimizes the images to be served in the most appropriate format depending on which browser the image is being accessed from. It also allows for real-time effects, manual quality controls and other features which we will be launching in due course of time.

New Image Manager

You will also notice a swanky new image manager in the admin area. This image manager is faster and better as it reads directly from the database and pulls images from Amazon S3 (instead of working from the local file system, as earlier)

Please note, if you’re unable to find some images in the new image manager, you can click on the “Old File Manager” tab to check & use some of your old images. This image manager will be deprecated over the next 30 days. Also, all new uploads should be done on the new image manager only.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these updates. Enjoy your blazing fast sites 🙂

PS: We’re also moving our JS and CSS resources to Akamai CDN over course of the next week – so that should give you an extra boost.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

Saahil Goel is Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, a data-driven logistics aggregation platform that drives efficiency in India’s eCommerce logistics by connecting online retailers with logistics prov ... Read more


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