Top 5 Hacks To Decrease Website Bounce Rate

website bounce rate


As an entrepreneur, you spend thousands of bucks so that you get a commendable ecommerce website, so that users will visit your store and buy products that you offer. You see a high number of visitors visiting your online store, but still the sales are not up to the mark. What can be the major reason behind this? In Google Analytics, from where you are tracking the visitors, you see another statistic under Bounce Rate. If it is higher, then it means more number of visitors is getting out of your site, without even navigating properly. To make your website reach more audience and your business flourish, you need to look for loopholes to decrease website bounce rate on your ecommerce website.

Before you find ways to decrease the bounce rate, you must understand what exactly ‘Website Bounce Rate’ means and what it reflects?

What Is Website Bounce Rate?

If you are running any website or online store, you must be aware of the term “Bounce Rate” It is an analytic to check if your website is getting the correct traffic. Basically, Bounce Rate is the number of visitors and left the website without navigating to the second page. They could have hit the back button, close the tab or type another link to navigate outside your website. To check the actual website bounce rate, you should consider the bounce rate of landing pages or other important pages on your website and work accordingly.

Tips to Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

1) Change Your Website Design
For any visitors, visual appearance of your online store is the first impression. If you fail to mark this impression, your visitor will bounce back. Your website should have a clear, attractive and easy navigable design. Also, make sure that you have checked it on major web browsers for proper formatting.

2) Regularly Update Content
If your ecommerce website has still outdated content or out of stock products listing on your homepage, then it might upset your visitor and they may leave your website. Make sure that your content is updated. You can start publishing high quality blogs where you can inform your visitors and update it regularly. Also, make sure that your content has correct typography and proper font size to make it readable.

3) Make Your Site Mobile Responsive
The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. This means, that a huge number of visitors are navigating your website from their mobile. In case, your website is not mobile optimized, you might lose numerous potential customers. Responsive website is the present as well as future. In case, you find changing your current website to responsive a major task, you can always go for mobile website that can be a mini-version of your website.

4) Avoid Pop-ups Or Autoplay
Sudden pop-ups can irritate your visitors due to which they might get irritated and leave your website. Another factor is the auto-play option for your videos or music. This takes away the attention of your visitor. Also, unexpected sound might force them to close your website. It is better that you let the visitor handle this. For pop-ups, you can get your website’s Call To Action wisely.

5) Decrease Loading Time
Another way to decrease website bounce rate on your ecommerce website is to decrease the loading time of your site. If your website takes forever to open, obviously your visitor will move back without checking it. Check the loading time of your website. Loading tie of up to 5 seconds is considered fine. If it is more than that, then you need to remove large sized images, optimize your html codes and keep your design as simple as possible.


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Saahil Goel

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