Don’t hold your horses, we’re moving to a better infrastructure

KartRocket is moving to a fully cloud scalable infrastructure!

This will mean much faster site loads, lower latency and happier buyers 🙂

Also, since we will be in a highly-available and load balanced environment, you will virtually never need to face a scheduled maintenance again. We can do everything behind the curtains and add wanted capacity as and when we grow.

We’re moving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure primarily comprising of Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.


Here are some highlights about our infrastructure and it’s components:


1. We’re now hosting in Singapore. Which is closer to India than Amsterdam and New York (duh). This allows for much lower latency (<100ms)


2. We’re hosting on Digital Ocean with fully SSD hard disks, high bandwidth and great performance.

Digital Ocean


3. We will be load balancing all traffic through NGINX.

This not only protects our environment from surges in traffic, but also allows for unlimited scalability as we can automatically provision child servers as and when our customer base grows. NGINX is what powers the biggies such as Facebook, NetFlix and

Read more about NGINX here


4. We will be using Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) for storing all images, downloads, shipping labels, etc. Which means permanent reliability and faster uploads and retrievals.

Read more about AWS S3 here


5. We will be using Amazon Web Servers Cloud Front (Content Delivery Network).

This will ensure that your images are served from the edge of the internet. So if your customers access your site from Mumbai, they get images, javascript and css from Amazon’s server in Mumbai. If they access from New York, they will get data from Amazon’s server in New York! Cool isn’t it? No matter where your customers access your site from, cloudfront will always route it to the most optimal location for lowest load time. It is also infinitely scalable. So as traffic to your site grows, cloudfront will adjust its response time to ensure your site loads cracking fast.

Read more about AWS Cloudfront here


6. We will route all traffic through Amazon’s DNS service Route 53.

Since you point your top level domain name to our servers, the first time a user performs a lookup for your website, the browser tries to contact the DNS to find out where to connect the user. By using Route53, we ensure blazing fast DNS resolutions that are again optimized for geo-location.

Read more about AWS Route53 here


7. Google PageSpeed

Finally we will be using Google’s Page Speed algorithm to give your ecommerce website a massive speed boost. Some features of page speed include automatic minification of code, compression of images, inline css, inline js, pre-fetch dns and much more.

Read more about Google PageSpeed here

बूंद बूंद से घड़ा भरता है |

We hope you guys can appreciate all the infrastructure that goes into powering your ecommerce site!

Thank you for your continued support for KartRocket.


-KartRocket Product Team


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