How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store for FREE

How to Drive Free Traffic to eCommerce Store

The success of any website depends on the number of visitors it attracts. Without a healthy and sustained visitor traffic, there is no way that a website could become commercially viable. At the same time, it needs to be ensured that traffic is a quality one from which business could be assured. Quality traffic is the key to the success of any online store regardless of the services or products that it offers.

Traffic volume to your website could be maintained at a fairly high level by incorporating certain changes. Most of these changes are easy to implement and does not involve much cost. In fact, many of the ways of driving traffic are simple and do not require trained professionals for execution.

Optimizing Your eCommerce Website for Search Engines

The most certain way of increasing visitors’ traffic to your website is to have it optimized for search engines. As the owner of the website, you should ensure that it is ranked sufficiently high. Theoretically, a website should be ranked among the first five if it wants to attract a large number of visitors on a sustained basis. The safest way of optimizing your website is to create it according to search engine guidelines. Tools like Bing Webmaster and Google Webmaster are excellent in guiding to create web sites as per search engine recommendations.

Optimizing important pages such as home, about us, products, and contact us, is the key to securing a high rank for your website. At the same time, your website needs to get optimized for mobile browsers as well. Access to websites on mobile devices is of utmost importance presently, as a majority of Internet browsing is done using mobile phones. The results of optimization are not shown immediately but take some time.

Launching Blog Sites or Creating Blog Posts

Blogs are great traffic drawers for any website. Blogs appearing on a website are actually relevant and are mostly the honest opinion about a product or service being offered by the website owner. The higher the number of blogs, greater is the chance of getting more visitors to your online store. Many of these blogs offer solutions or answer queries about any good or service.

For best results, these blog posts should be sent to subscribers in form of e-mails or shared on social networking sites, and even displayed as content.

Stay Active on Social Networking Sites

Social networking is now a trend, and it would be foolish on part of online store owner not to participate in it. Social sites help in establishing a one-to-one correspondence with end users which carries immense importance for sellers of products and services. More the interaction between you and your customers, greater becomes your visibility among members and other visitors. As the owner of your website, it is essential that you stay connected to your followers and heed their comments. Replying to them or respecting their suggestions are ways of keeping your interaction level high.

Networking Offline

It is not always that networking must be done online. Even offline networking with like- minded people could help is creating awareness about your product or brand. Conferences, road shows, and customer meets are definitive ways of enhancing your brand image.

The entire process of driving traffic to your online store is a conscious effort and must be done on a sustained basis.

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