5 Easy Tactics for Successful eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

As an ecommerce seller, you would be in control of several aspects of your business operations like the way your website would be set up, what images of your products would best represent your inventory, the marketing campaign designed to attract customers to your online store. But the part which might be entirely beyond your control is eCommerce shipping and fulfillment, that is once your packages are shipped and is out for delivery.

For an ecommerce business the shipping method is the very backbone of one’s business operation. Hence, choosing the right shipping method & partner is of vital importance. Considering a scenario where you utilize a shoddy shipping option, it may lead to your customers becoming easily disgruntled with delayed package deliveries, damage of shipped items, lack of tracking information or other hindrances. This may lead to customers second guessing their buying decision.

Today with plenty of technologically enhanced options available for business to host their own ecommerce store is just a click away. But what most of the e-retailers miss out while defining their operational plan is ‘What happens to their packages after they have been shipped to their customers?’ And plenty business owners even fail to understand the complexities associated to ecommerce shipping and the relationship it has between a business and their customers.

Have Your Product Packaged Right! Shipping Will Vary

As an e-retailer, you are going to need shipping options for different packages all of different sizes, weight and shapes. As your packaging needs would wager based on the products you would sell, it is recommended that you get connected with a right shipping partner who can provide you an amalgamation of best courier services, which would not only help save time, money and sweat. But provide you with a hassle-free shipping. You can read more here: How To Increase Sales With Product Packaging By 18%

What you charge to your customers matter. See how

eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

Offer Free or Cheap Shipping

Offering free shipping, especially for domestic orders is an alluring way to get customer’s attention. However, depending on one’s margin, it can also potentially cut into one’s profits. As an e-retailer you would be wondering how is it ever possible to afford free shipping without cutting into profits. The good news is that there are several options to be considered which can offset the cost that one encumber by offering free shipping to their customers.

• Accommodate shipping price in the listed product prices to offer free shipping
• Incorporate cost of shipping into profit margins to factor them in.
• Consider mandating a minimum order amount of customers to avail free shipping
• Get associated with a shipping partner who further has a tie-up with several shipping service providers to get a discount rate on the shipping price.

It is important to consider that the shipping prices and shopping cart abandonment are directly linked. As per the above mentioned diagram, the cost of ecommerce shipping is one of the important factors in getting customers close sales. Be aware your shipping charges will also factor in the long term sales of your product and is recommended to be considered as a part of your business ongoing strategy.

eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment 2

Offer Flat Shipping Rate

Studies have shown that flat rate option is one of the most popular ecommerce shipping option, where 78% of all the shoppers prefer the standard economy ground shipping with an average of 10 day delivery time. This allows e-retailers to utilize carrier flat rate discounts and offer their customers with an affordable shipping option.

Professional Look with Custom Shipping Labels

As an e-retailer you would always want to assure that you would use a professional shipping label, this would not only add a true personal touch to your package but also be compatible with all major shipping partners. This would also mean that the shipping label you would choose would need to work with your chosen shipping cart, too. Seems like a daunting task right?

Not really, one of our product named ‘ShipRocket’ shipping label is not only compatible with all major shipping partners, but offers e-retailers a complete logistics software to help them end their shipping hassles at the same time save time, money and sweat.

These shipping labels would give you an advantage because they can be printed from any printer may it be a standard laser printer or an inkjet printer. A smart label system would always save your time with fulfillment as you won’t have to print a packing list from one system and then the shipping label from another, further spending more time in matching them up to fulfill your orders.

Remember, as an e-retailer, you can only sell as many items you are able to ship in a single day. Any system or method that you can introduce to reduce your fulfillment time without compromising accuracy and quality, will help you grow your business.

eCommerce Shipping and Fulfillment - Shipping Label

Track by Tracking Numbers

One important aspect of professional e-retailer is to provide your customers with real-time package update through SMS and Emails. One of the feature of our product ‘ShipRocket ’ is that it lets you send instant updates to your customers, which would include the tracking number, comments and the shipment status.

As an e-retailer if you do not use an automated software system to provide tracking numbers and notifications to your customers, things can get messy. Resulting involvement of your labour force to manually copy and paste the tracking numbers to update customers.

You’re in Control

Ecommerce shipping operation come along with their own set of challenges, the smartest approach to overcome those challenges is to take your time to create a detailed plan-of-action to assess the specific business needs and identifying your shipping goals.

By identifying your shipping goals and formulating your strategy in the beginning, you can prevent many missteps along the way. Reevaluating your process at regular internals is important, so that you can amend, update and improve on the process.

As your business would keep growing, your needs would change and your shipping strategy would also need to evolve accordingly. By utilizing such a critical pre-planning, one would be as best prepared as possible for future successes and pitfalls.

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