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Ever since people realized the perks of owning an online store and earning with it, the list of businesses seems to just expand every hour of the day. And why shouldn’t it? Being online is way so much better than being in line. Also, the success and popularity of the millions of online sites like Flipkart, Myntra etc have encouraged many to tap the e-commerce business opportunity. However, dreaming the whole idea is one thing and getting the entire thing set up and in action is another thing altogether. So let’s look at some of the actual needs to get our foundation straight on the latter idea.

Build Your Online Store:

1. Now you can attack the internet all Zuckerberg-style; build your own website that will have your store. However, if you are not that much of a tech-junkie or loaded with cash to get your own site, get help from online sites such as kartrocket.comthat provide you with an excellently furnished platform to get your eCommerce business alive and kicking.

2. Choose the best template for your website, that relates to your business. The basic services that you require to set up an online shop are all laid in front of you and that too handled by expert

3. Upload the products catalog, content, and pictures.

4. Focus on doing the right SEO for your business, spend time understanding how your customers are responding.

5. You are starting out as a nobody but you are here to stay so you best make a mark while you are at it. People who tie up with you or for whom you work should not see you as a phony or mere copy of another company. You don’t want to be the just another shop to buy from.

6. The quality matters and you better work on that. What you represent in the trade and how well you represent yourself threat is what majorly matters. You should customize your online store so as to reflect the real company that you will have. This means, the logo, color schemes should be in complete co-ordination.

7. Get A Secured Payment Gateway: A very important point to consider when you are setting up an e-commerce business is the payment details. That is what you are primarily here for. Respect that, duh! Now there are two alternate routes that help you get a secure connection of payment.One, your own account in your own bank which provides its own payment gateway and the other, the third-party services which tie up with many banks to provide a gateway; something like PayPal. Rates of these providers vary and hence, you need a do a proper market research on the provider that suits your requirements the best. More discussion on this later!

8. Clearly Specify The Terms & Conditions: In case of banks customer satisfaction is not the goal, instead the goal is scoring well (i.e just making the big bucks irrespective of whether the customer returns or not) But quite contrarily, owning an e-commerce business implies that you are expected to provide your users the most convenient of all such methods that they continue shopping with you. You don’t wanna trap them with phony deals and discounts that rob them of their money (fraud alert!) or they lose their faith in you. The competition is tough already in the net world. Further, it is very easy to cause customer dissatisfaction with poor store layout, payment problems and unclear terms of services. It is, therefore, imperative to specify the shipping terms, the returns policy, etc. so that there is no ambiguity in the case of a sale going wrong.

9. What is known shall never be forlorn: okay that probably sounded a little too bad for a title. But well the point is you need to make your presence felt if you really want to rock the world. Alright, again pathetic rhetoric advice. But in one word what I want to emphasize on is Publicity. With an e-commerce business, it is rather obvious that your means of publicizing should be somewhat digital too. Take benefit out of the various free advertising portals made available to mankind to propel your business further amidst people. There are social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. These channels will get you virality on social platforms with minimal cost.

10. Your wish, my command!: people love having an opinion and they are frankly never satisfied. Combine those two things and you get the ideal customer of the 21st century. Plus you just get started and there are billions of things that need to be altered before you become the ultimate shopping destination for shoppers (huh! That sounded cool like hell!). Make channels of feedback so that you can improvise on the way you run everything in your enterprise. Also, improvise your customer service and have people entertain your prospective buyers with immense love and attention! Sooner or later you will surely master your entrepreneur course and will make a blast at the internet stock market (um no that is rhetoric again, there isn’t one really. But you wish there was one, don’t you? Well focus on getting the start-up right first, genius! Ponder the rest later!)


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