eCommerce Software: 7 Features It Must Have

Launching an eCommerce website used to require extensive background on computer programming. It was a difficult scheme that was attainable only by those who can afford professional services. Providentially, An eCommerce software like Kartrocket came and started offering easier options to entrepreneurs who want to expand globally using an eCommerce website. Today, it is a lot easier to set up an eCommerce website. Even without programming expertise, one can create an attractive, reliable and functional online store through an  eCommerce software.

If you are a newbie to the digital realm, you might be wondering what is an eCommerce software. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to sell goods and services online, an eCommerce software can help you. These softwares allow entrepreneurs to design their own online stores. The pillars have been constructed already through pre-made website templates. They just have to pick a template that goes well with their business. Plug-ins, apps, software programs, payment gateways, shopping carts and other essentials can be added easily. The most exciting part is that entrepreneurs can decide on which of these to add.  Images, texts and shades are also in accordance with their preference. Hence, before getting into the arena of selling online, it is essential to know what is eCommerce software.As mentioned earlier, there are lots of eCommerce softwares in the market today. But there are factors that should be regarded when seeking for the best one. The triumph of an online business is largely influenced by the eCommerce website, thus entrepreneur must be extremely prudent in choosing a eCommerce software.

Here are 7 most important features your eCommerce software must have:

1. It must have high-level security.

Savvy online shoppers are aware that the internet is scribbled with fraud and theft. Therefore, they must provide them with an assurance that your business is legit. The transaction details must be well-protected. Find an eCommerce software with a high-level security.

2. It can be integrated with marketplaces.

Selling on marketplaces can multiply your sales. Your eCommerce software must have the ability to integrate your website with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. An integration will help you list your products on marketplaces and manage your inventory from your own eCommerce website.

3. It is search engine optimized.

Search engine optimization is extremely crucial for online businesses. The software should be SEO-friendly in order to generate more revenues. Meaning, it must be capable of earning good rankings from search engines.

4. It must have prompt support.

Entrepreneurs should know that not everything goes according to plan. The eCommerce software must be able to provide support in timely manner.

5. It should be large enough for the business.

The number of items to be sold must be considered when choosing an eCommerce software. Logically, a large selection requires a large software. This is because a larger catalog will be needed and more option have to be added. Cheaper and smaller softwares can’t accommodate large selections. 

6. It must have CRM.

Communicating with customers is essential for online businesses. Entrepreneurs should pick a software that will allow them to reach out to customers even after the transactions. Promotions that are based on their past buying behavior should be generated. One such CRM software which Kartrocket is using is Kreato CRM

7. It should provide end-to-end service.

Though it is too much to ask for from an eCommerce software but your life would become hell easy if your eCommerce software can help you with SEO, Marketing and Shipping. Kartrocket does that!

At the end, look for the cost. The cost of building an eCommerce website may vary due to certain conditions. Cheaper and simpler ones should only be considered if the budget is way too tight. But if you are launching a business, chances are, you’ve got more load. Keep in mind that the eCommerce website is the backbone of the business. Investing on its attractiveness, reliability and functionality is a sensible thing to do. If the site lacks the professional charisma, customers might hesitate to make business with.

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