What Ecommerce Website Design And Development Company Does Not Offer?

ecommerce website design and development company

E-tailing has become the new tool that has witness a deliberate popularity in recent times, especially for small and medium enterprises. To begin, you just need an ecommerce website. To create these websites as per the trends prevailing in the industry, many entrepreneurs look up to ecommerce website design and development company to build their online store.

However, during the development process, there is much more than designing and coding that is important for your store to start selling online. However, to your surprise, many ecommerce development companies do not offer any/ all of these services. If you want a secured payment gateway or need some cool software to further enhance your website performance, then you may need to pay more or arrange it yourself. Check out the most essential features required on your ecommerce website and your ecommerce website design and development company fails to offer.

1) Free Hosting or Domain Name

Domain Name marks your identity while hosting is like renting a space for your website on the World Wide Web. Both of them are initial as well as an integral part of developing ecommerce website. Free hosting and domain name is extremely subjective. Some company might offer, some might not. But, there is hardly any ecommerce website design and development company that offers free hosting or domain name.

2) Payment Gateways

One of the most essential things during ecommerce website development is aligning and integrating payment gateways. The worst part of getting your website developed by these companies is that you have to find a path a payment gateway your own. Also, the integration from these companies might cost a lot.

3) Manage Shipping Orders

While you have chosen your preferred courier company, it is important, within the development process, to manage those shipping orders. However, many companies fail to offer this. Any confusion in shipping orders might hamper your brand image and your customer might lose trust on your company.

4) Marketplace Integration

If you are new to the industry, creating your online store is not enough. You may need to integrate your products to other popular marketplaces so that you can sell more. Thus, marketplace integration is an important part. However, many ecommerce website development company fails to provide that.

5) CRM Or Other Software Integration

Whether you want an easy CRM software for easy store management or any other software that will add must-have features on your website, it is important that you integrate these within the development process. In case, you have hired some external development company, then they might fail to add them to your store.

6) Free Maintenance

While these companies help you in creating your website, many fail to manage them for free. As a result, even a tiny change in your website might cost you a fee. Sometimes, this is a reason why many SMBs are hesitant to bring more changes, thus lack in popularity among people.

SaaS Based Ecommerce Platform To The Rescue

Today, cloud has become the next big thing. Cloud based SaaS eCommerce platforms have seen tremendous popularity in recent years. The major reason is that it offers numerous features in very less amount. Also, the hassle of designing, development and integration is extremely limited. Their monthly subscription starts as low as 1500 per month in which you get free payment gateway and various other features that make your ecommerce website shine. If you are looking for such platform, then KartRocket can be your best bet with affordable subscription plans, hundreds of features and easy to manage online store. You can start your KartRocket free trial store here.

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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