10 Features your eCommerce Website Must Have

Selling online has become a trend. This is simply because millions of people prefer to shop online these days. Although there are reputable marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, launching your own eCommerce website is still advisable. There are numerous eCommerce host providers that are very much willing to serve you. Acquiring an eCommerce software solution is going to be helpful in terms of cutting expenses and workload. But before paying for a monthly contract, you must make sure that they can make these 10 Features your eCommerce Website Must Have:

eCommerce Website Must Have

10 Features Your eCommerce Websites Must Have

10 Features your eCommerce Website Must Have:

Visually appealing template

The appearance of your eCommerce website will have a huge impact on your online sales. A visually appealing site has more power in terms of sales conversion. Typically, the eCommerce website provider has a catalog of templates that you may try. Make sure that the template won’t make the texts and images look like a mess. The color scheme must be suitable for your business too. You can check out Kartrocket themes here.

Secure Payment Gateway

Without a payment gateway, customers will hesitate to make business with you. There have been hundreds of stories about people’s bank information, social security numbers and other personal information being stolen online and these have made online shoppers more vigilant. Integrating a payment gateway into your eCommerce website will give a sense of security.

A payment gateway is a software application that encrypts transactions before sending them to the web browser of the issuing bank or any other financial institution a payment processor will also provide a secure route between the merchant’s server, payment gateway and issuing bank. Hence a secure payment gateway is something your eCommerce Website Must Have.

Integrated CRM software

CRM software can help you manage prospects, customers and sales. It can be a stand-alone system or a web-based. With this type of software, you will be able to monitor the technical support, opportunities and sales information. Your ecommerce site can benefit from efficient sales process and improved customer relationship. Integration CRM software to your ecommerce site will provide you with valuable customer information. Some options available are KreatoCRM, InfusionSoft, SalesForce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Highrise and Zoho.

Well-maintained blog

Blogging is an effective marketing strategy. This is primarily due to the fact that people want to read posts with conversational tones rather than technical ones. You will be able to elaborate the ideals of your business through a blog. However, let it not revolve solely on business. Discuss things that may interest your target audience.  Strive to make each blog entry as engaging as possible I order to persuade readers to come back. Remember an insightful and engaging blog is something your eCommerce Website Must Have.

Integrated Shipping Software

It will automatically generate airway bill number for the order and align your courier partner for delivery. Your business can benefit a lot from integrated shipping software. This is because you do not have to manually write down the bill number and call the courier company about the transaction. It will collect the order data, get weight of the shipment, and compute freight cost according to the chosen carrier, apply necessary surcharges, informs the carrier about the shipment, collects shipping data and keeps full shipping history.

SEO Tools

Any ecommerce site must strive to be search engine optimize, else it will not generate a considerable number of sales. Here are only some of SEO tools that your ecommerce site must have:

  • On-Page SEO Tools
  • Content Generation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Open Link Data Sources
  • Link Building Toolkits
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog Management
  • Link building tools
  • Page ranking tools

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery means customers will only pay once they receive the shipment. Although electronic funds transfer is widely popular these days, some people are still more comfortable paying only once they had received the item. Others are hesitant to send money online due to fear of being scammed. In order to accommodate these customers, you should integrate cash on delivery feature in your business. Again, Your eCommerce Website Must Have COD.

 Discount Engine

Who doesn’t love discounts? Gain more customers by giving away discounts. But you do not have to do this manually. A discount engine will offer discount to customers (either in percent or in price). If you do not want to get left out from the discount race, Your eCommerce Website Must Have a discount engine.

 Store Locator

Your customers will want to verify the existence of your business. For that reason, you must integrate a store locator in your ecommerce site. Some customers might prefer to purchase directly from your physical retail store rather than online, therefore it is only sensible to integrate a store locator. Hence, Your eCommerce website must have store locator.

 Frequently Asked Questions

There are questions that customers will more likely ask. Brainstorm with your team and identify what these questions are. Instead of sending an email or calling you, customer will visit the FAQ page in the hopes of finding the answer to their questions.

These things are the general requisites of a good eCommerce site.  The needs of your site are not limited on these. You may have to include more features in accordance with the nature of your business and growing demand.

Kartrocket can provide you with various website templates that can be personally customized to fit your needs and tastes. They also have a list of apps that can be used to achieve expediency, boost traffic and increase sales. Open a trial store so you can take an actual product walkthrough. To know more, visit Ecommerce website features


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