Effective Ways To Boost Employee Morale


Fostering the right kind of attitude into a workplace starts with hiring the right kind of people. But sometimes the duty of the employer doesn’t end with that. Taking care of the morale of the employees is as important. More often than not as the boss when you enter the office, you see long sullen faces of your coworkers, expressing dissatisfaction for their jobs. And as the employer much of the organization’s mood is in your hands. Good training and continuous feedback and their involvement in the company’s decisions are few of the things that make your employees think that they are important. You may also try these methods to boost the morale of your employees:

  • Getting their opinion for Company outings:
    Being a HR manager is not only being solely responsible for taking the decisions of such things. In fact he/ she should be wise enough to involve the rest of the employees and get their opinions of such kind of matters, especially the ones with require an informal gathering of the workers. In this way not only is his/her burden lessened but the employees also feel that their opinions too hold importance in the eyes of the company? Before the day ends, shortlist places and have your employees vote for a place of their choice. This is the most effective and democratic way of going about with these decisions.


  • Letting go of negative attitude:
    One of the foremost thing that kills the environment of the company is people fostering negative behavior towards coworkers, and it is even worse when it comes from superiors. Employers must make attempts to weed out employees who behave rudely and possess a condescending attitude towards fellow workers. These people are the ones who consequently participate in office gossip and intimidate others. Chucking such people is one of the easiest ways to maintain a positive environment in the workplace.
  • Encourage employees to give honest feedback:
    Always encourage your employees to vent out their honest feedback. Most of the times, employees shy out on coming out in the open, in that case have them write their opinion unanimously in an office poll without having them disclose their information. In this way you can know things bothering your workers which will consequently help you to take action against their complains. You need not pay attention to all their petty complains but this certainly brings to notice certain integral problems in the workplace.


  • Implement transparent promotions:
    Reward your employees who have been loyal to the company for a substantial amount of time by offering them promotions. In fact 40% of millennials expect promotions every year or two (source: shopify.com). By implementing promotions which are transparent based on the output of the employee you certainly foster a positive morale amidst the employees.
  • Adding incentives, yearly bonus, fun programs and more:
    Most of the big companies have a yearly list of things and activities they plan to engage their employees with. Organizing competitions once in every six months among different teams in the company is a great way to have your workforce have a fun off day in the office. It also helps building a strong teams within a workplace. Have special holiday packages as a prize to these competitions. In addition to these, add other incentives, bonus and other awards that will make your workforce more engaged and interested in the workings of the company.


  • Recognize hard work:
    Recognize hard work in spite of age and gender. Scheduled rewards for hard work should not be the only way of recognizing a hard worker in the force. Surprise your employees by announcing employee of the week/ month all of a sudden. When employees get recognized for their work, the immediate response in shown in their attitude and in their heightened interest in the company.

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