Email Marketing for eCommerce: Why & How To Get This Right.

Email marketing for eCommerce is one of the effectual tactics that technology has allowed. Small and medium-sized businesses need not to knock on one door to another to peddle goods and services. Although door to door marketing has its advantages to offer, it can be exhausting and expensive. If a large has to be covered within a limited period of time, you will have to employ several salesmen to assist you. This tactic has proved to be effective but only not as practical as email marketing. However, a lot of people are not comfortable with receiving emails from people who identify themselves with certain companies. This is because online scamming and pyramid scheming have been rampant in the recent years.  Most people often categorize emails from unknown senders are spam. Email marketing, truly has an enormous power to influence consumers. But if your approach is wrong, all those well-written messages would be directed to trash.

Why you should go for email marketing?

When you first set foot on the field of eCommerce, and tacked the marketing techniques, you might have asked why email marketing is essential. You must seek to answer this question, of course. Do not make decisions just because somebody said it is advisable in eCommerce. Here are some of the chief reasons why email marketing for eCommerce works:

  1. Email marketing is cheap: Every online merchant loves every cheap marketing strategy. Compared to employing salesmen, making a TV commercial or printing a newspaper ad, email marketing is cheaper. All that you need is a computer and internet connection. Another good thing about this strategy is that, it’s clutter-free.
  2. Millions of people check their emails every day: Just like TV programs, emails get huge attention. Actually, people tend to focus on what had reached their inbox than what’s airing on TV. More and more people are getting online and are creating emails each day; this should sound exhilarating to you. Mailchimp Connector, one of KartRocket’s marketing apps, can be used to send mass emails.
  3. Emails allow businesses to stay with customers: It is just like sending a letter to the post box of the consumers minus the stamp, paper and risk being dropped on the street. Businesses can informed their consumers about the latest product and services, promos, events, company policies and many other things through email. Kartrocket has an app called Gift Certificates; this will allow generate unique codes for customers that they can use as shopping vouchers.
  4. Email marketing for eCommerce enhances consumer loyalty: If you always show up on their inboxes, consumers may consider contacting you if they need your products or services. Through email marketing, you can remind them that you are just an email away.
  5. You can keep an eye on the progress: By analyzing conversion rates, you could determine the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.

Now that you are aware of the significant of email marketing, it is time to move to the next level which is learning the right approach. Email marketing is not as easy as sending emails frequently to consumers. There are certain dynamics that must be taken into account. Here are some:

  • Plan your campaign: Panning is extremely crucial. eCommerce can be a harsh industry and without a well-designed plan, you could be kicked out unceremoniously. Sit down and create a map of your strategy. Specify each step and enumerate your objectives, create message presentations, evaluate benefits and risks, collect emails and decide on the frequency.
  • How Frequent? This question bugs online merchants. The number of emails that you will send out in a month could pose a huge impact to your sales. Although emails are less intrusive, some people are agitated by receiving dozens of messages from an ecommerce store. However, if you were going to send more, you would be stamping the brand better on the memories of consumers. It is suggested to shorten the message if you are sending 3 emails or more in a month. The title and content must be punchier and has to have better call to action.
  • Personalize subject lines: Many online merchants use salesy subject lines and these cost them hundreds (or maybe thousand) of costumers. Subject line should be alluring but they should not sound like you just want to sell something to anybody.  Give a signal of value and make the recipient think that the message was written for him or her. Personalization can persuade customers that the emails are connected to their interests and necessities.
  • Design your mailer: You got a great plan but do pay attention to the aesthetics. A well-designed mailer must have a great copy, attractive design and an easy to understand layout. It is great if you have a graphic designer and a developer who can code your mailer in HTML. However, do not get disheartened if you do not have a designer and a developer. There are predesigned templates available online which you can customize to suit your requirements. You can try FreeMailTemplates and marketing for eCommerce
  • Send & Analyze: There are many types of software available online which will let you send HTML emailers to the custom audience. Some of the popular softwares are Mailchimp, Sendy, ConstantContact and SendBlaster. You can also analyze the results in terms of Open rate & Click rate.
  • Unopened emails are not necessarily useless: Do not easily jump into a conclusion that unopened emails are not influencing the consumers. When receiving an email, consumers glance at the sender and title. For example “Half-priced sneakers this month”. Even if the message is left unopened, they are already informed. When the time comes that they need a pair of sneakers, they may think about your website.
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