7 Techniques to Engage More Customers on Facebook


In today’s world, social networking skills are more of an advantage than social skills. People have social networking so deeply circulating in their blood, that they are inseparable from each other. People are much more active on the internet than they have ever been. In fact turning that into one’s business advantage is of utmost importance. Learning to publicize online is a useful skill that needs to be understood and learnt. Your business can’t survive without virtual advertising. And really it’s not so much ‘marketing’ as it is introducing your business to the world. Sometimes it is the only way to get your work out in the front and if you have been avoiding or missing this out well its time you worked on it.


Engage More Customers on Facebook

What better to begin with than the most famous and popular site on the web today: Facebook. Today, Facebook is the number one social media choice for people to market their business. Facebook is a very powerful tool that you should include in your marketing mix to help grow your business by strengthening your reputation online. Yep! Mark Zuckerberg’s ticket to fame and success could give your venture a kick start to fame and victory too. Here are a few tips to get your work out for the world through Facebook and engage potential customers for your e-store.



The first thing to do is sort of obvious. I won’t even give it a numbering, really. Create a page for your store. And really work hard on making it look and function good. Consider it as an extension of your actual site. You have to recreate the ethos of your site on this page. It’s like a different (yet equally significant) portal to build relationships with prospects and customers.


1.   Be Professional Yet Approachable

All the posts you make on your site are not only read, they are judged. People dissect every single post you make by the tone, language, preference, even the font of your written text. So do not rush with your work and do not underestimate the power of all the stuff you write here. Make sure your writings are not very casual. It’s not a private blog, you are talking to clients and everything you write directly represents your company. But having said that, too stringent is boring. You have to be a little warm and approachable as a seller.

 2.  Consistent Posts Attract Attention

Your business is flourishing and expanding. The condition of your Facebook page should also exude the same feeling to your followers. A rarely updated page gives a very wrong impression. It will make visitors think that your store doesn’t care anymore or worse out of business. Posting 2-3 times in a day is a suitable posting frequency. More or less stick to it, be punctual.


Did You Know:

 3.  Get Interactive With Prospective Buyers

Simply posting and writing about your company on the page is not sufficient. You need to respond and reply back too. If people ask questions or talk about anything they find on your site or page, do not hesitate to respond. Show them that you care and that their views are crucial to you. Negative comments especially need to be responded to. If it goes unanswered on your site, visitors will only assume the worst.


4.  Don’t Sound Too Desperate

When I ask you to be really active on your page, I do not feel you should overdo stuff. Too much exaggeration or posts that challenge your genuineness will definitely lower your fans. So when you post be cool, yet casual. It shouldn’t look like you are dying for a fan following. That puts off people instantly. And we don’t want that.


5.  Create Testimonials To Prove Authenticity

Feature some of your conversations on your site. When you involve real people followers feel a sense of realism attached to your work. Also it make one feel like he is dealing with a reliable business firm. It will compel them to look further into your company once they start trusting your work.


6.  Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Come up with attractive discount vouchers for your users. And post them on your page. They attract attention and make your site look really active and a running business. You can get more important stuff about coupons’ creation and distribution in one of my last posts.


7.  Link Everything In a Big Web

So you have your official business site, publicity blogs, twitter accounts, newsletters, Facebook pages (now) and all the dozens of advertising banners too. Linking everything together is very important. You should have pointers that make everything cross linked properly. This way anyone can access whichever site they want to without Google-ing everything beforehand. Your Facebook page should have links to the official site, blogs, subscribe to daily newsfeed button, follow on twitter, and basically everything that your business can boast off on the internet.



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