Tips to Enhance Views and Sales with Pinterest


In this digital era everything has changed in order to offer a better market reach for the booming businesses. The internet has become the central hub for almost all sectors with regards to expansion processes. It includes social platforms such as Pinterest that works on the concept of appealing imagery in order to pull the audience. At Pinterest, you can access dress inspirations, DIY styles & artworks, recipes and a lot more. A visual presentation is served that is beneficial for the customers as well as brands. This medium has grown quite popular amongst the eCommerce companies seeking maximum optimization levels in terms of marketing.

Several studies have been conducted that prove that Pinterest today has become the second largest social media platform which manages huge traffic. This fact can be well utilized by brands to enhance their businesses. But how can one attract maximum traffic for their pins? There are numerous ways through which you can make your pins engaging and attractive so as to pull viewers. Here we have discussed some of the most important tips to drive sales and traffic via Pinterest.

Updated Content

A lot of people who maintain their Pinterest accounts aren’t really aware about the role played by quality of content on this platform. Here, quality is hugely detrimental in acquiring large viewership. The pins you share must be well managed so that they offer a striking impression. Image quality must be good so as to make your pins on this social platform gain more views. You can hire a photographer and conduct photo shoots that can be helpful to enhance the look of your product pages on Pinterest. There is certain image related specifications too which should be kept in mind in order to make your pins appear worthy.


Use Vibrant Colors

According to analysis, pins with multiple colors have a 3.2 times greater chance of being shared as compared to the dull images. Moreover, red images are dominant over blue in this competition.

Smart Sizing

Does image sizing actually help? If you need to make your product page appear ideal, then you must follow a significant standard size for the images you pin. The images must be at least 600 px wide along with optimal pin width of around 736 pixels. One of the simplest marketing secrets on Pinterest is that, taller images have high chances of being Re-pinned.


Timing Helps

If you want your pins to engage maximum audience at this platform, then you should be clever with the pin timings. There are certain time windows such as 2-4 PM in the afternoon and 8-11 PM at night when the viewers are more active on Pinterest. Utilize these best times to post your pins. Apart from time windows, there are certain days of the week which are favorable for certain categories to perform well.


Blogging Genius

An e-commerce portal does require external backup which is aided via blogs. The same concept can be used for supporting your Pinterest boards. You can write down content for publicizing your Pinterest platform in order to generate traffic. There are numerous simplified tools which can be used to beautify your content.

Inspire to Sell

Pinterest is a realistic social platform that does not directly support marketing. It believes in inspiring the audience so that they can opt for brands based on their choice. You need to create boards that are enlightening so that the audience can gain something out of it. Lifestyle themes are very popular on Pinterest since they bring forth the content which the customers crave for.


Loaded Pins

Loaded Pins or Rich Pins are very helpful for your business. Customers do gain from such pins as it contains stock availability as well as pricing. There is no need to visit the official website of the brand as the pins act as a completely loaded information source. Loaded Pins or Rich Pins are helpful in order to enhance CTR of Pins which directly favors your marketing plan.

Link with Influential Users

For the success of your business on Pinterest you need to create links. Alliance is one of the most helpful ways to pull traffic. You can associate with influencers or the leaders on Pinterest from the same industry. If one of these influential users Re-Pin your content on their personal boards, then count it as a market boost due to mass exposure. You can easily acquire several new followers through this smart tactic.


Promote on Social Media

This traffic –pulling tactic is useful when you have already built a huge audience network on other social media platforms. You can easily publicize your Pinterest page on these platforms so as to acquire enhanced viewership for your board.


Final Say
Use the above listed Pinterest tips and tricks to drive more traffic and sales. Do let us know in the comment box which ones worked for you, the best!

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