How To Activate In-built Browser Push Feature on KartRocket Store!

If you are a true marketer, chances are you’ve heard of Browser Push. In the world full of apps and websites vying for our attention, Browser Push always and forever seek our attention through pop-ups. But now, what exactly are Browser Push notifications?

Browser Push notifications are messages that you can send to your customers or visitors on their desktops or devices even when the web page is not open. Simply put, it gives you an opportunity to re-engage with your website visitors & customers through little messages. These Browser Push notifications work same as Mobile Push notifications do. For instance, do you remember when you received a message of “Great Indian Sale” from Amazon on your smartphone even though you haven’t opened the app for weeks? Or let’s also take an example of Snapdeal’s “Diwali Unbox Sale,” even those messages were popped-up when you see notifications on your smartphone, right?

So basically, Browser Push works in the same way – just when a person is on Desktop. Now, have you ever why do you need to use them? If yes, then let’s answer your question.

Somehow, these Browser Push notifications are the best and most effective way to attract the customers you want or to regain back the attention from existing customers. They provide businesses with an opportunity to be in touch with their customers every time they come online.


Marketers are always looking for the best way to engage customers with the brand and break the barriers to expanding their businesses. Emails, in-browser messages, and social media are the helpful platforms that support you to grow your business but, all these too have their own limitations.

Browser Push notifications act like a game changer in the stereotype marketing world. We are glad to announce that this feature comes as an add-on to your existing plan you simply need to activate this from your back end. We’ve included lot of bundled marketing features in your plan. To get the complete understanding of the available marketing features, click here.

There are default templates that we have scheduled to make things simple but you have the control to change certain settings.

List of automated Browser Push campaigns active on KartRocket panel

  • New Arrivals on Mondays

These browser push notifications keep your existing customers updated with the new products added to your store’s catalog.

  • Trending products on Thursdays

Trending products helps your customer stay updated with the latest trends and fashion

Here’s how you can activate the feature

  1. Login to your store admin panel, click here
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Re-engage section


  1. Click on “Browser Push” tab
  2. Toggle the status “ON” to activate the automatic browser push feature


P.S. You can only activate the feature once you are logged in with the admin credentials.

Final Words –

Cut down the clutter from your marketing efforts and focus on Browser Push notifications as a new trending marketing strategy. With restrictions and low opening rate of boring Email campaigns, Browser Push may help you reach great heights along with great revenues.

Watch out this space to get the better understanding of the advanced features we’ve in the admin panel. You can also write to us on or call 011-39595108 for any queries.

KartRocket has empowered 3000+ entrepreneurs, SME’s and retailer with their online stores. It is not just a website builder platform, it’s an end to end eCommerce solution with all the features you require to create an online store, run & grow your online business.



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