How Facebook New Terms Of Service Is Going To Affect Your Business?

facebook new terms of service

So, Facebook gave us a New Year gift of its newly improved Terms of Service. It has surely made some noteworthy changes in its new feed, promotional gigs and the way we use the ‘like’ and ‘share’ button. This Facebook New Terms of Service is surely going to affect the way of digital marketing and how they approach Facebook for their business.

Why Introduce Facebook New Terms of Service?

The major question arises that why Facebook came up with these changes and implemented them on us. According to Facebook official website, they have made these changes to provide a better Facebook experience to both users and advertisers and also to avoid news feed spam to the maximum extend. They want to give their user a seamless experience while using it.

While Facebook New Terms of Service look satisfactory to both groups, it has become more difficult for business to rely on gimmicks and push tactics. So, how will it affect your business? Let’s find out.

Say Hello to New News Feed

Facebook has come up with a more user-friendly New Feed design to make Facebook more visually appealing. Now, your user can see larger images and filter the content on their News Feed. For your business, you need to focus on high quality bigger images with atleast a width of 600 pixels.

Cover Photo Guidelines Updated

The one thing that will affect your business the most is the cover photos. Now, you have to follow a certain guideline for your page cover image. Firstly, there should not be more than 20% words. Other than this, you cannot use any copyrighted material. You cannot post promotional or sales information; neither you can use call-to-action words like “Like our page” or “Share this.” However, you can use information about your company or product.

Restricted Promotional Activities

Facebook new Terms of Service has restricted business to run any marketing campaign using its features. Like you cannot run contests on which gets maximum likes or shares. You cannot ask the user to “like”, “comment” or “share” an image or post and offer gifts in exchange. This means, you can eliminate all such campaigns from your marketing calendar and look for other options.

Page Name and Company Information

With the updated Terms of Service, you cannot create a profile of username using your company or brand name. You need to come up with a proper Facebook Fan Page with your company name with proper configuration.

No More Likes on Facebook Ads

Along with following the regular advertisement guidelines, you need to eliminate the Call to Action words like, share or comment. Facebook won’t accept such advertisements.

Engaging Content Comes First For Facebook

This is a latest addition to Facebook News Feed. Now, it is not necessary that you will only see the latest post on the News Feed. Your user can also see old stories on the top of their News Feed, given that it is interesting or has lots of genuine likes and comments. So, instead of focusing the time of post, sit with your content strategist to come up with quality content.

If we look on the brighter side of Facebook new Terms of Service, it is actually making Facebook more entertaining and meaningful for their user. Since, these updated Terms of Service has been implemented, it is necessary that you made necessary changes on your business Facebook strategy accordingly.

Did you like the Facebook New Terms of Service? We would like to know your opinion. Leave your comments below.

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