Get Access To Faster And More Secure Store Reports

KartRocket has made report export faster and more secure. Now, all your reports will be easily accessible on your email. This step has been taken to make sure that your reports can be exported safely.

Your store reports are the best way to know the progress of your store. With reports like product purchase, orders, customers, etc. You can easily determine whether you are on the correct path when it comes to running and managing your online store. KartRocket offers you easy access to these reports to keep a regular check. However, we have recently come up with some changes which will help you access these reports quickly and more safely.

From now on, you can easily export reports of your products, orders and product purchase in just a click. These reports will be mailed to your registered email ID so that it is secure and nobody else, other than you, can edit and access them. However, it can be viewed by anyone on KartRocket admin. Also, these reports will be send through Amazon s3 link for faster download.

How To Export These Reports?

1) Product Report

Let’s start with the Product Report. This report provides complete details of your product ID, it’s SKU, description, price, quantity available, image link, product dimension, etc. in csv format. To export this report, follow these steps:

• Login to your KartRocket store.

• Click on Catalog and then click on Export Products.

store reports product

• The following screen will appear. Click on Start New.

store reports product 1

• You will get the following notification.

store reports product 2

• Go to your registered email and check your inbox. The email will appear as follows.

store reports product 3

• Click on the link and it will automatically download the report.

2) Order Report

Your order report contains detailed information about your order ID, invoice number, store name, customer details, carrier used, payment mode, product details etc. in csv format.

Other than the faster and more secure access, the format of your order report has been changed. Now, your order report will show different products ordered on the same order ID to avoid any confusion with the total number of orders.

To export your store’s order report, follow these steps:

• Login to your KartRocket store.

• Go to Order and click on Export Order.

store reports orders

• The following screen will appear. Click on Export to start exporting.

store reports orders 1

• Once, you get the notification, go to your registered email ID and click on the link to start the download.

store reports orders 2

• Once you open the order report file, it will appear in the following format. Now, your report will show single order ID once for all the products in it so that the order count becomes easier.

store reports orders 3

3) Product Purchase Report

In this report, you will get detailed information about all the product purchased, which includes your product name, model, quantity and total, on your online store. To export product purchase data, follow these steps:

• Login to your KartRocket Store. Go to Reports.

store reports product purchase

• Click on Products and then click on Product Purchase.

store reports product purchase 1

• The following screen will appear. Click on Export.

store reports product purchase 2

• Go to your email to get your report’s link. Click on the link to download report.

store reports product purchase 3


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