Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Stop Now

email marketing mistake

Email marketing is still, one of the most sought after marketing tactics, which will take your company right into the ‘in’box of users. Even after the rage of social media, email campaigns still have their own advantages. Right from deciding the layout to structuring the content, you take out your time and mind out to design your email campaigns. You choose the prettiest images, designer layouts and press that ‘send’ button. You dream of huge sales, but instead your emails are caught into Spam folder or you are blocked.

Any of these can be a huge black spot on your company’s reputation. Additionally, it will hamper your client base, leading to huge loss in sales. Don’t let this nightmare become a reality for your company. Make sure that before you schedule your email campaigns, you avoid the following listed email marketing mistakes and make your email campaign a success.

Ignoring The Power Of Subject Line

Subject line is like ‘The Sorting Hat’ which magically determines the future of your mailer. If it is not enticing, then there are huge chances that your email will go into the trash. Make sure your subject line is attractive but keep it away from being spammy. Be careful with your words in the subject line if you do not want your mail to land in the spam folder. Keywords to avoid here are Earn, Free, Attractive, Click here etc. You can find more keywords here that are considered as spam with most email service providers.

Flooding your customer’s inbox with promotional mails

Many marketers don’t have any idea about the frequency of sending email campaigns. You have to be very careful about this, as too many or too less may break your image. Make sure that you don’t send your email once in a blue moon that the user is unable to recognize you or send it every second day that the user gets pissed off and ultimately blocks you.

Abandoning Your Email With No Contact Or Links

Running email campaigns without contact information or landing pages are like headless chicken. This will reap no results and all your hard work will go in vain. Make sure that all your emails have proper contact information and landing pages so that you can generate proper leads. Also, check the contact information and landing pages are properly functioning.

Not giving any Opt-out option to your customers.

You cannot throw yourself on your users. If you constantly keep on bothering them, they might flag you into spam list or block you. And believe me, email service providers hate spammers. To make sure that this does not happen, put ‘unsubscribe’ button. Also, make sure that it works. Frustrating users, even after they have unsubscribed you, might lead to some unwelcoming messages or reviews.

Sending without Testing

This is a sin in the email-marketing lingo. Your email content might look perfect in the preview window, but it is not necessary that it will look the same in every inbox. HTML is sometimes confusing. Therefore, it is always recommended to test your emailer in all the leading browsers and email service providers and devices. Check out whether the subject line is proper, the layout is in its place, all links are working, there are no spelling or punctuation mistakes and is properly visible even on mobile.


Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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