Here’s how you can find a guest posting gig!


Guest posting is the act of publishing your blog on someone else’s blog. It is a great way to spread information about your brand. You have the chance and opportunity to voice your brand in front of a separate website audience and what helps the most is they give you a boost in search engine optimization. The transaction either happens in exchange for payment or the other blogger wanting to post a blog on your website. Many people have difficulties in publishing their blogs in another website so below are some tips that will come handy while searching for guest posting:

Search on Google

Well, it is not a surprise that Google will come to our aid regarding this problem too. It is the easiest option to find sites where you can write or people that maybe be interested in writing in yours. Plenty of websites out there sends open invitation to people, to write for them. All the different kinds of advertisements clearly call out to different kinds of content and some also encourage a third party writing for them. Simply use the key phrases like ‘guest posts’, ‘write for us’, ‘submit content’. Like for instance if your plan industry concerns travel and tourism, search using the phrases like ‘travel bloggers write for us’.


Contact editors

The only one who can decide to put your name up on a book or the site is the editor. He is the guard of every publication house and without convincing about your content to the editor you will proceed nowhere. Do a thorough research before you plan on contacting any. Have a quick look at their LinkedIn profiles. Try to understand the kind of work each of them indulges in. That will give you the definitive idea of how to win them over.


Convince with your content

In order to please the editor of the page make sure you have your content right. You may butter him up to read your mail but more than the way of approaching, the material that you approach with must be equally convincing and solid so as to please the boss. In fact cut to the chase, mail your content straight away to the editor. It shows a bold statement proving that you believe in pleasing with your material and also shows the amount of confidence in you. This step might seem tricky and risky for some as it involves the risk of directly putting your ideas in front of someone without having the surety that it will make its way to the site. But nonetheless, this is a strong and a bold step for any guest writer.

Adopt their style

A sure and effective way to have your article posted in your desired website is to get the hang of their style and content. The main reason behind this fact that editors do try to maintain the parity in terms of content and types of articles that are being put up on their website. So, make sure you scrutinize the web content of their site and prepare your content according to the style that suits the best for the website. This is a sure shot way to get your work up on the page.


Make use of your audience

Involve your audience. You may not be aware but any one of your daily readers may be associated with the different website in the same industry you are working for. And in order to do that use your mailing lists and social media handles to advertise you wish to publish your content on some other website. Also, a great and a more direct way to have people approach you as a guest blogger are to directly post your advertisement on your site asking editors to get in touch with you.

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