What is so Special About You, O E-Commerce Store Owner?

You started your business with crazy fervor. Irrespective of what everyone thought about your plan and everything, you still went ahead and made your e-commerce store a reality. But suddenly right after you start you find that everything is not jolly and beautiful as you assumed it to be. The business is slow to start with, so customer count is not hitting the roof anytime soon. And you just start doubting everything you own. From the creativity perks that you introduce to the people you employ. Yes it goes that far. Then the negativity creeps in.


Everyone told you this was a bad idea. And yet you did what you wanted to anyways. You followed your heart. And even you knew that starting your own business wouldn’t be all Band Baaja Baarat style business. Success is hard to come by in every case. You are stepping into the world so obviously people are not going to fall in love with you in a short while. Getting your business started isn’t just about you working hard and swimming to the top of your trade and dancing to all the tunes with utter joy and happiness. No. It isn’t easy at all. In fact the number of times you might not succeed will demotivate you to infinite times.


Every time giving up will be on top of your to-do list. Even the constant advice from well wishers for “go on, you will make it” will make you want to throw punches. In fact the level of frustration could get dangerously high too. You might start hating people who do not buy from you or who shop in a very limited manner with you. And all this while you will have no idea as to what you are doing wrong or how you could possibly get more customers to buy from you at all. You are giving your work everything. They why do people still not appreciate your hard work and buy from you often enough? Not even for a single second will you realize that maybe you are missing out on a very important aspect in your business.


Here, try to look at everything from the customers’ perspective. For you its your store, your stuff, your success. However, after some market research you will realize that a potential consumer has hundreds of other online destinations they could choose instead of you. In fact the probability of a random user landing on your site is very remote if you have just stepped out in the open and marketing is not very grandeur in your website establishment plans. So, then why would they buy from you? Yes. The question is not why not me? It is, why me? What is it about your online store that would make a potential customer shop there and not elsewhere?

You have got to have something that makes you stand out from the pack, otherwise, how are you ever going to stay in business? Call it vision or ideals for your enterprise and it all comes down to the same thing. Why should a customer choose you and not a competitor?


You have got to offer something so out of the blue and yet absolutely imperative a thing that people cannot resist. It could be something like eBay where you get the cheapest prizes on the weirdest stuff that you want to purchase, or myntra which offers you the best of dresses exclusively from the best of brands at affordable prizes. These again are a very tip of the iceberg type of specialities that you could have in your store. You could get more specific though, just do enough to envelope your business with a story that makes people feel linked to you greatly.


1. Your personal story

People want to know what you stand for. No. literally. What is it that gives you the strength to stand as an e-commerce store in a minefield of competition! They want to find out why you started in the first place.

They want to hear something absolutely mesmerizing. Beautiful and that which they think is really very awe-inspiring. Everybody started their business because well they needed money and ecommerce stores were the best way they could make that a reality. But the truth is people don’t buy the truth as much as they would love to buy a honey sugar coated story. It could be the truth or well lies too you know. Just enough to lure your customers so that they would pick you over the bazillion other sites in the market. People are affected by emotions more than you can possibly imagine. Actually if you do this part right and back your business with the perfect backstory people find you more appealing than ever. Its like sentiments have that impact on people where they can relate better to people. In fact, if you have an inspiration story, you have the perfect customer magnet!


Once you have the story, you should put it out on your blog or publicize it via social media on your page. It shouldn’t look like you are looking for their sympathy and forceful emotions. No. you are just putting forth a story, so don’t press on it too much. Instead, make your story famous by depending on it in the way you make sales. Utilize it to develop your store. Use your story as the centre and revolve your entire business store around it. Okay, not entirely revolve everything arund that inspirational story; but enough to get people to believe you and hence attach themselves to your store.


2. Materials, models and manufacturers

When people look at something, they see only two things. Quality and quantity. And that depends on what person you are referring to. Because, there are basically types of customers. One who either look at the brand and the type of stuff used in their products. They are quality-ridden ones. Who care about where their stuff comes from and what all goes into making that product. Then there is the other type of consumers who care about how much they get. They look for whether what they buy is worth their money or not. They believe in buying many features in the smallest and cheapest packet.

But a majority of internet buyers are usually a mix of both these features. Come to think of it, they want great quality as well as great quantity too. so if you want the right number of people to buy from you, you should give out the persona that you have the best of materials. This is not a USP kind of something; it is basically a kind of vibe that your e-business should preferably give out. Not only just make it look perfect but the end goods that you share with your users should perfectly be quality and quantity efficient.


3. Benefits and offers

This is probably one of the most neglected part with all of the upcoming e-stores. But the fact is with provision of the right kind of deals and offers on everything; you could get really easy fame and recognition amidst users. Of course they should not affect your profits and not look very zabardasti offers that don’t really cheapen anything. The mere reason Domino’s is now leading over Pizza Hut is because of their tons of deals and coupons that they keep distributing around!

Take a leaf from their cheesy book and use deals to your advantage. As a matter of fact other little details and services too add great value to your image as an enterprise. Be it great customer service with video chat for help or just a very accurate shipping industry.


Everything adds on to your image about which people slowly and gradually spread the word out and voila! You have growing fan-base with growing popularity.


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