Future of eCommerce in India

Creating an Online stores in India is no longer limited to those who are adept with computer programming. Entrepreneurs can bring their products and services online even with only a little knowledge about computer programming. This is due to the existences of eCommerce platforms that allow to them to construct a website without having to deal with complex codes. Online stores in India have greatly expanded over time. These days, people can buy almost anything online. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, home decors and digital products are already available on various online stores. Just like in other markets, online stores in India gained popularity in a slow manner. People were hesitant on making transactions online. But with ever since numerous businesses offered free delivery within India and cash on delivery, more and more people became more relaxed on making business with online stores. Cash on delivery allows buyers to be assured that they will get the item/s. Payment will be made once the packaged has arrived on their doorsteps. Aside from that, many buyers are anxious about sharing their credit or debit card information online. But the future of eCommerce in India appears to be a bright one.

ecommerce growth

Even though there are still a lot of people who are timid when it comes to shopping online, the eCommerce is India is still expected to growth substantially. According to the survey published in The Economic Times, India’s e-commerce market, which stood at $2.5 billion in 2009, reached $8.5 billion in 2012 and rose 88 per cent to touch $16 billion in 2013. The survey estimates the country’s e-commerce market to reach $56 billion by 2023, driven by rising online retail. Since people cannot only shop through computers but also using mobile phones, more people are hop into the online shopping bandwagon. The future of eCommerce in India appears to be a promising one due to the increasing number of people who are embracing modern technology. In order to attract more consumers, large brands have decided to offer deals and discounts on occasional basis. A number of eCommerce sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Makemytrip have also started creating discounted rates to customer. Through these offers, the future of eCommerce in India is predicted to boom in the near future.


The major evolution in the eCommerce industry can be attributed to lifestyle transformation of Indian consumers, spreading out of online niche and accessibility of modern technology. The ease and convenience that online shopping offers is probably to top reason behind the flourishing eCommerce industry in India. Aside from that, more and more eCommerce sites are offering better prices on various products and services. Many of them use coupon systems to entice more customers. Consumers who do not want to be stuck in traffic or crowded shopping malls may consider online shopping. They just have to get online using a computer or mobile phone and browse the internet for the products of services that they need. Those who want to get updated with the latest offers may subscribe with the online store’s newsletters.

Even though the future of eCommerce in India is supposed to be vivid, it does not diminish the cons that come with online shopping. Physical shopping has advantages that online shopping just can’t offer. If consumers will personally shop for products, they can scrutinize every corner of it before buying. They can touch the products and if the sellers permit it, may try them too. Along with the growth of the eCommerce industry are a lot of sham online stores. There are those who will take advantage of the opportunity to earn money on the wrong way. Hence, online shoppers must be extremely cautious when buying things online.

eCommerce in India used to be errily silent. But with the growing number of online niche and of people using the internet, it has gained better popularity. Broadly speaking, the population of online shoppers in India is still small. But according to marketer, the future of eCommerce in India is expected to improve in the recent years. The slow emergence of online industries does not mean that online shopping just isn’t for India. It is just that there are still boundaries that need to be taken down. Some might be wondering if it is the Indian cultural preferences that keep eCommerce industry from attaining a conventional status. The truth is there are several factors that can influence the state of eCommerce in  India. Nevertheless, online marketers are positive about the future of eCommerce in India.

ecommerce challenges

There have been squabbles about why eCommerce industry in India has not reached a mainstream level yet. Various conditions are involved but the fact that numerous India consumers are not conscious about the advantages of shopping online could be the main reason. It is not correct to put the responsibility on them because in the past years, many had had bad online shopping experience. Some did not receive their orders on time while others did not receive anything at all. That is apart from the concerns regarding returned products and cancellations. However, online merchants should not carry the entire guilt. They are working with third parties too like wholesales, courier companies and eCommerce platforms who are yet to expand and acquire better equipment that will be needed to provide excellent customer services. The lack of organization is the main culprit for this. Nevertheless, it is never too late. Few years from now, eCommerce in India is expected to flourish. Probably what is needed to greater effort on standardization on the quality of products that will be sold online. This way the consumers will be more confident to purchase online without the need to physically scrutinize the products. Online merchants and partners should upgrade their system so they can track the orders and deliveries better. If these are adopted eCommerce in India will be more reliable. More consumers will consider online shopping and once they proved that virtual stores are also competent, online shopping will become a mainstream. Even with the challenges mentioned above, the future of eCommerce in India remains promising.

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, KartRocket.com

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