6 Ways Build a Social Media Branding Strategy from Scratch


Whether you want to vend products, persuade followers, gain subscribers or sway the minds and hearts of readers for your source, it is important for them to know who you are in the first place. Your capability to push any of these actions shots from your brand’s authority and one of the perfect ways to build that is through the know-how and efficient use of social media. According to a recent research, it has been revealed that 71 percent of brands sketch to invest more heavily in social media in the next few years in order to reach new followers and develop a brand reputation.

Wish to join their ranks? Here’s everything you wish to know about using social media in the quest to build your brand:


Prefer the Correct Networks

  • If you’re not attaining any traction on some of the social media platforms you are using, it may not totally be your fault. With numerous social media apps out there, and new ones budding in every day, it’s enticing to hop onto all of them. However, it is crucial to know that every social network wouldn’t be right for your company. Your task is to find the networks that align with the image of your brand. If not, you’ll struggle to make growth.
  • For instance, if your firm is a steel manufacturer, then perhaps Tumblr isn’t the best option for your benefit. Tumblr’s primary demographic is basically linked to teens and people in their early twenties. A better platform would be LinkedIn since it’s a B2B association which attracts business owners.


Don’t Sideline Visual Branding

Visuals play an integral part in social media branding. If each of your profiles appears like they’re owned by a separate company, it develops a form of disconnect for the users. It is important that your branding should be consistent across all channels. This will help people instantly recognize your company no matter which site or app they are browsing. One company which manages this in a wonderful manner is Coca-Cola. When you analyze the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, you would notice the consistency in terms of design and color.


Offer Valuable and Shareable Content

This is a basic and efficient point to focus when building your brand on social media. One would create a much stronger brand reputation if the stress is primarily on creating useful content that viewers might prefer sharing. Note the following principles in mind as you frame content for social sharing:

  • Every particular piece of content you share should encourage your brand image. Make a note, humor can be hard to pull off. If you can manage the use of memes effectively, they can act as powerful brand-building tools. However, if you aren’t cent percent sure how your audience will react to your image, avoid the temptation to develop memes or indulge in clickbait strategies.
  • Recognize which content is most likely to acquire visibility on your social networks. Images may echo better with your audience in comparison to blog posts, but until you look at your data, you wouldn’t know.
  • Don’t be scared to use visual content. It has been found out that articles with images receive 94 percent more views. Also, twitter content with images acquired nearly twice as many views as text posts, although there are seven times more text posts present on Twitter.

One of the simplest ways to create content for operation on social media profiles that’ll encourage your brand building efforts is to check what kind of posts others have been successful with and compile your own, improved versions.


Consistency in Your Topics

  • Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are quite perfect for curating content from all across the Web. Curating is a superb way to help you build authority in your concerned industry as well as to offer a steady flow of social media posts which aren’t self-promotional. Searching videos, blog posts and other content to share with your audience appears simple enough. However, many businesses enter this segment blindly without developing any type of guidelines as to what all topics to share.
  • Choose a few topics that are closely related industry. For instance, the popular career site Monster.com publicizes articles related to employee satisfaction, workplace culture and career advice. All of these are closely linked to its brand. If Monster started putting Tweets about personal finance and investment, it would appear out of place. But by focusing on its main sections of expertise, Monster’s brand has grown as a go-to account for user’s interest in career concerned content on Twitter.


Post Regularly

  • Keep a note that nothing would kill social media branding efforts in a more intense manner as what irregular posting can do. If you’re only Tweeting a single time every few days or only uploading one new Instagram picture in a month, you would surely be easily forgotten. Reduced attention spans combined with frequently growing social networks have made publishing quite important than ever.
  • How frequently you post purely going to depend on your audience. It will require some trial and error to find out what works perfectly for your brand. One of the best ways todecide how often you should post is by using Sprout Social’s social media publishing and analytics tools. These publishing tools will permit you to schedule your posts to be sent out whenever your followers are supremely active. The tools also let you weigh which posts are gaining the most interaction. You might figure that your Tweets acquire more engagement on days when you post 10 times in contrast to five. Always make sure to track and review all your social media efforts.social-media-strategy_6

Don’t Waste Your Profile/Bio

A number of brands make the mistake of allowing their bio or profile section fall waste on different social media platforms. When you’re in the whole process of building your brand, letting people educate about your identity and what your firm does is vital. Also, do not fill your profile up with motivational quotes or random hashtags.

Final Say

Hopefully, the suggestions and tips listed above help you build a full proof branding strategy.

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