Generate Qualified Leads on Your Online Store with Connecto App

How Can I Make More Sales? How Should I Convert My Visitors Into Customers? These are some of the questions, which keep on nagging every ecommerce entrepreneur. However, the only solution to these questions is to build a strong relationship with your visitors as well as your existing customers so that they buy your products and keep on coming back to your online store.

To make customer communication more effective, we would like to introduce you with CONNECTO, an amazing customer engagement tool which will help you engage more customers via targeted lead forms, targeted offers, personalized notification, collecting surveys and more. All these will help your online store drive more sales. It will help you increase your website ROI and provide you quality leads which can be easily converted into customers.

What You Can Do With Connecto App?

You can do a lot with your Connecto App. Here are some of the tasks where this app will help you.

Decrease Website’s Bounce Rate

Using the exit intent technology, you can easily monitor your customer behavior on your website. If he/she is going out of your website, you can show an amazing offer to hold them back.

Get More Quality Leads

Embed lead generation forms on your ecommerce website and see an increase on the business leads. You can also target customized lead forms to a specific visitor at the right time.

Use Your Video to Generate Leads

Embed your lead form or offers right inside your videos. This way, each video will become your potential lead source. Whenever your user will pause or your video ends, it will show your store’s offer or a lead form.

Advanced Offer Widgets

Use Connecto’s offer widgets to show your store’s offer and discounts right in front of your visitors. You can target your customer according to their behavior and show different message/offers according to their interest.

Understand Your Customer

If you are still confused on why you are not getting quality leads, then you can use Connecto survey and know about their concerns and needs.

Get Leads from Mobile

Connecto offers various mobile widgets which will help you get leads from mobile. You can create mobile responsive lead forms. Or, you can use “Tap to Call” widget so that your number automatically gets copied to your customer’s dialer as soon as he/she click on it.

How to Integrate Connecto App with My Online Store?

Integrating your KartRocket store with Connecto App is easy. All you need is to follow these steps:
1) Visit Connecto website. Click on Sign up.

Connecto App

2) Go to ‘Sign up for Private Beta’ and fill the details as shown below and click on the “Submit” button.

Connecto to increase user engagement

3) You will be directed to the Connecto Dashboard. There, you need to copy the JavaScript code and keep it safe. You will also get this code on your registered email.

connecto for lead generation
4) Now, login to KartRocket store. Go to Apps and search for Connecto. Click on Install.

connecto to generate leads
5) Once, it gets installed, click on “Settings” button.

6) The following page will appear. All you need is to paste the JavaScript code, which you copied in step3.Click on Save.

connecto for customer engagement

Congratulations! You are ready to use Connecto App for your online store. Now, you can go back to Connecto dashboard and get started.


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