Guide For Better Time Management And Getting Things Done!


Establishing a startup is one of the fastest ways for people to make business and social impact. A startup is all about: Purpose, Product, Customer and Team. However, don’t wait for the perfect moment to prepare your perfect product and launch to the perfect audience, because:

‘If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late’ – Seth Godin

New businesses create new career opportunities, they generate wealth in the society and have a vital dynamic effect on the technological and economic development of the society. Startups often are technology-driven to common problems, and they also utilize front line technologies very aptly. In modern business world, time management is the most important aspect for any and every business. So, we’ve come up with the guidelines a startup must follow –

Characterize Your Marketing Needs

You must understand, marketing for each business is unique. If you use the tactics of other companies or try all at once, then you will never be able to make that business as successful as it can be. Everything in a startup starts with establishing a strategy and then implementing it using the channels that suit your business needs.


One of the most effective ways to advertise in today’s society is the marketing on social media. However, sometimes word of mouth can be your game changer.

Make A Schedule

In school, how many times have your teachers told you to make a schedule for your homework? I’m pretty sure we all have heard those lines in our school days. But if you think, these lines which were boring back then – have now become the most important aspect of your life.

schedule word circle marked on a calendar by a red pen

schedule word circle marked on a calendar by a red pen

Think of your startup work as your homework. So, you must make a schedule of what things are to be done and what could be pulled off later.

Prioritize Your Work

Be sure to map out your high priority items for next week today itself. We all own our priorities and it’s important we work on them effectively. The priorities must have been characterized according to the importance and time.


The more you prioritize your work, the more efficiently your startup would work. Know the importance of all the clients and work with equal passion for all. Your flow of work must start from most important work to least important one.

Automate Your Work

How we wished your homework could have been automated? Alas, it would never ever happen. But luckily, you can automate your work and take a break. If you’re thinking – “Are you serious?”


Of course, I am serious! Automate some of your non-humanly tasks and give yourself a break. From email marketing to automated Facebook posts, you can be relaxed and make your work automated at your comfort level.

Identify Time Wasters And Find Solutions

Always remember – there’s no shortage of clients, only a shortage of effective marketing strategies in action. There are certain situations which need immediate action while some need to be kicked out of your schedule.


If you find some problems to be your time wasters, then you have two options! Either leave it or solve it. If it’s beyond your thinking power, ask help from your mentor. In short, try finding an accurate and forever kind of solution to your problems.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself and your newly established business. The laziness won’t take you the road you’re willing to go! When you start procrastinating, you lose your track towards success.


So if you really want your startup to be a game changer, then you must avoid procrastination at any cost. However, don’t indulge yourself in work so much that you forget to breathe. A cheat day is a must to rejuvenate yourself so that you can focus on your work refreshed.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Your emotional intelligence determines how well you do in work and how perfectly you can handle your emotions. Your EL helps you share your thoughts, discover your inner passion, know your strengths and weaknesses increase your empathy and most importantly, be socially responsible.


Improving on your emotional intelligence skills helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your colleagues and bosses. It will also help you to manage your emotions and get your things done effectively on time.

Final Words

In the world of startups, it’s very important that you learn to manage your time to get things done. Your business would work if your clients get things done from you within deadline. This creates an exceptionally amazing image in front of your clients and they would love to stick around you.

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