How to boost your online sales this Christmas

Oh yes its Christmas people! And while you are stalking your stocking to get it laden with gifts, entrepreneurs are all like “Damn! The year is set to close and my sales are set to be compared now!” but don’t you worry dear businessmen! No I am not Santa and I am not offering you the deal of a lifetime on my exclusive site, but what I am going to tell you might just help you score big time with your customers. Or get new customers, same thing. Basically just get a great maddening sales in the festive season. Look, the fact is people are stark crazy about holidays (jeez no surprise there, obvious piece of information) and they were looking for an excuse to shop anyway. Now come Christmas and holiday and the whole shenanigans, they just want to splurge. Now they want to shop yes. But do they wish to shop with you itself? That is the question and the answer you want is yes. So maximize on this crazy festive season and get your revenue rocketing like crazy this year.


There are quite a few ways to boost your online presence to increase Internet sales and walk-in traffic. Look the end of the Christmas season is typically the busiest time of the year for retailers. People all over the world are looking forward to being pampered and showered with blessings when it comes to Christmas time. And you too need a very successful Christmas holiday shopping season in order to break even financially, maybe even enjoy a little profit at the end of the year. And then there is the whole deal with setting up a stage for prospering in 2014! You need to score on new people so that you can have a longer customer list the next economic session. So here is the deal! The public is in a mad buying frenzy. How can you get them to buy from you? How can you persuade them to buy more than they expected earlier in the season? How can you get them to come back to you to buy regularly next year, and not just next holiday season? Let’s get working on a few tips that will not only enhance your skills as an entrepreneur but also help you score big this festive season.


Be Santa and give people what they want

No. no. don’t worry I am not asking you to give what your customers want without charging them at all. You are not here to lose money at all. You are here to make money so let’s do exactly that. You want to attract customers that you want for a longer run. So the point isto be as good as Santa that is all. Yes. Spread out smiles. No. this is not a rhetorical phrase, I absolutely mean it. When people buy with you they see a store that helps them buy things they require. But how about instead of just being a store, you get an emotional link with people?


Be Santa-How to boost your sales on Christmas.

When you give people stuff on a happy note just like that, they are sure to notice. Yes you heard me right. During festive season, the best you can do is attach so closely with unknown customers that they feel a real bondage to you. Once you establish that bond, people are sure to buy from you because they now trust you (and love you, of course!) giving out free goodies just for the sake of being nice, isn’t all that good an option. No you should give out free stuff to valued customers or some selective customers or just about everyone; with a thought beforehand. Yes. Always think about what you want to give out to people. It could be something related to what they are buying in their shopping cart. Or just something very festival-complementary just to brighten their dayand spirit! That choice is up to you and well your budget too. Think about it and give freely to the world, with a normal thought to bear too!


Shop-procrastinator alert

Laziness, the mother of all inventions. No wait. Was that technology? Well, this isn’t all that “necessary” to confirm, so we will let it pass I guess. Bah! I’m too lazy to check and confirm even that! Even though this is the busiest time of the year a lot of people take it easy and chill out instead of going crazy just because it is snowing holidays! The number of procrastinators are too many, you just cannot deny this piece of information. There are two suggestions for people on this topic.


Limited time offers and special coupons

To put it mildly, get people to act. Put forth limited-time offers. That is hhe only way to encourage procrastinators to finish their shopping earlier in the Christmas season. If they find advertisements that will help them score on a discount just few days before Christmas, well nothing could be a better motivation for people to act. You may even send them special coupons with limited-time offers that expire right before Christmas Eve. So they might be lazy enough to not visit the store on the street corner, but sure thing they can log on, make purchases and happily aim at discounts. You are just their perfect helper, aren’t you now!


Shipping Speed Matters

People who delay just cannot fathom what to do when they are so far behind on their shopping schedule that their gift list is just never done right. Of course when you are just making purchases in the last week before the bell tolls 12 on the 25th, depending on online stores doesn’t look very promising. The shipping is usually seen as a flawed mechanism in every store online and so depending on it in times of deep distress (such as this situation) seems like a really long shot (and a pretty fluke type one too thereat). So what can you do as an entrepreneur to gain a little profit from this situation?Let me make a suggestion here then, shall I? they want perfect shipping, give them exactly that. Tell them about your site providing really speedy shipping services opened specially for Christmas late shoppers. Make sure it is really fast, charge these late people a little more and voila! You have a service all set to be used by people that you can utilize for scoring more with customers!


Publicize with all you got

You know what they say: if you got it and so on. Well what is the point of beautifying your website just for the festival and making it pretty for people? And coming up with new and crazy techniques and ideas to win customers? Specially if no one finds about these deals all over the holidays? Ouch! I know. So well advertise what you start, only then will you achieve the required score on your annual sales report! The various means are known to you. You have been working on all those for way so long.


Publicize-How to boost your sales on Christmas.

But lets F5 it just for clarity sake okay. Social mediawhich includes Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Instagram, Pinterest is the best way to shout to the world about any and every new thing that you are upto. Then there is email marketing which might seem old fashioned, but trust me it works in getting customers anyway. Also sending texts to really special customers might not be a bad idea, although if you overdo it, you are bound to be seen as a leech-marketer. And that is just not cool. So publicize yes, over-publicize no. Hope that is clearer now. Also putting up posters in shopping malls, parking lots, anywhere, everywhere is a cool gig too. You may also get together with restaurants or bookstores, anywhere where people come and go from (duh!) to showcase your deals and tricks. Again the trick is just not to overdo anything. Keep it simple and keep it easy.

How to Boost Your Online Sales

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