How to create Free Email IDs for Your Custom Domain

We will use’s free email ID service to offer upto 50 FREE email IDs!

Basically its a three step process:
1. Step 1, create a regular email ID. This will be the administrator email account
2. Step 2, setup custom email addresses feature on
3. Step 3, link your domain name with the new outlook feature

Step 1:
Go to Click on “Sign Up Now”

Fill out the form from Microsoft to complete your email account setup.

Note: this is NOT the final email ID you will use. This is just an “administrator” account setup.

Step 2:
a. Go to

b. Click on Sign In (unless you are already logged in)

c. Click on “Get Started”

(Or you can directly visit: )

d. Fill out your required domain name and select “Setup” feature

e. Review Settings and Accept Agreement

f. Next, you will get a bunch of settings to configure as follows:

Step 3: Linking Outlook and Your Domain

***Assumption: you have registered your domain at***

You will now be required to login to your domain registrar, and setup MX Records & TXT Records. It’s simpler than it sounds. I’ll try my best to guide you through.

a. Login to your Godaddy (or other registrar account):

b. Go to your domain page:

c. Under the DNS manager, click on “Launch”

d. Delete any MX records that exist:

e. Enter the MX record from by clicking “Quick Add” :

f. Next add the next MX Record (the one with “invalid” text in it)  – but ensure a lower priority – e.g., 20 for this record

g. Then add the TWO txt records:

That’s it! You domain name and account are now connected.  You will see a success message on the Windows Live Admin center (where you saw the settings).

Steps for Creating New Email IDs on Your Custom Domain:

a. Go to

b. You will see your domain listed:

c. Click on your domain (that you previously added):

d. Click on member accounts:

e. Now you can add as many email IDs as you want and set their password by clicking on the “Add” button:

f. For every new email account you add, you will need to fill out the following:

That’s It!

To access any email address,

a. Goto

b. Enter username as

c. Enter the password


Important Note: until you actually log on ONCE after creating a new email ID, it will not be activated. So e.g., you create an email id, any emails sent to this email ID will bounce unless and until you have logged on ONCE with that particular email ID.

Steps for Setting Up Your Email IDs with your favorite mail client:

Incoming settings:

username: emailaddress @ yourdomain . com

password: your password

pop3 server:

port: 995

security type: SSL/TLS

Delete email from server: never

Outgoing Settings:

SMTP Server:

Port: 587

Security Type: STARTTLS

Require Sign-in: YES

Username: same as username above

Password: same as above


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