How To Create Online Shoe Store

Now that you’ve successfully run your brick-and-mortar shoe store, you are contemplating arriving on the online circuit. But how prepared are you really? A clear, concise, and attractively laid out web store can make you a millionaire, but a poorly performing site can pull down your reputation.

You can be a successful shoe entrepreneur online with half the effort at what you do in the traditional business world. Want to learn? Read this helpful guide on how to create an online shoe store.

Target Customers For Your Shoe Store

Selling to a specific group of people will help you stay afloat in the tough market competition. Remember, you are the new kid on the block, and your competitors are highly advanced on the web.

Design your online store that caters to an exclusive customer group to develop your core market, and later you can expand. It would help if you analyzed the market segment that offers great potential for you. For example, you can sell products in the orthopedic shoe segment, or your store could serve designer shoes for women, branded and formal shoes for men, or perhaps for toddlers and children. Options galore, the choice is yours!

Decorate Your Online Store – Design & Visibility

Upon launching your online shoe store, you will face major market competition online. An optimized web store will encourage Google and other reputed search engines to display your products in a relevant geographical area, where potential customers can easily find your store.

Your web store should be light and easy to navigate and immediately respond when your potential buyers seek information on your footwear items. You should have a secured payment gateway for customers to transact with absolute peace of mind and a free or nominal shipping charge for enhanced user experience and repeat buyers.

The web design of your store should be simple yet attractive. For example, if you will cater to the children’s shoe segment, then your web pages should look vibrant, and for that, use richer colors of orange, blues, pinks, greens, and yellow on your web store.

Populate the shoe size chart on your website for customers to measure the foot size and buy the correct pairs.

Contact Wholesale Distributors Online

Connecting with wholesale distributors online is a good way to increase your inventory, sales, and profit margins. When you have a robust network of online wholesale distributors, you can offer more types of shoes in terms of design, style, color, and materials.

Moreover, you must get a discount of 40% or 60% from your wholesale distributors for running a profitable online shoe-selling business.

You Should Have Legal Permission

For launching your online shoe store, you must have a valid permit. The procedure for obtaining an eCommerce permit is similar to that of running a licensed brick-and-mortar store. The rules for receiving the license may vary across states. To obtain your license, you need to submit the Employer’s identification number, TAN and PAN of the Company, Individual PAN number, personal details (name, address, contact) of the company’s stakeholders, and of course, the name and address of your store and website.

With this helpful guide on creating an online shoe store, we hope you will make an educated move forward towards sparkling success.


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Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

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