How to Create Successful Ads on Social Media?

It is a known fact that organic promotions alone on social media is not the key to successful branding. Each social media platform has their own advertising network which helps in boosting the reach of your social media page or posts. But you can’t leverage the same tricks for all the platforms as the ads work differently on them and the methods of creating successful ads differ too. However, a few things stand common for all the social media platforms. If you adhere by these, you will be successful in creating ads that convert on top notch platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Follow the rules, guidelines, and policies of the platform

If you fail to abide by all the rules, guidelines and policies set by the particular platform, you can never hope your advertisement to be visible among your audiences. Before starting your ad campaign on any platform, make sure you read all the guidelines thoroughly so that you don’t break the rules even unknowingly. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have laid down their policies of advertising in a pretty straightforward manner so you can have a look at those and then start creating ads.

Respect user’s privacy and data security

All the platforms ensure that their user’s data are safe and handled in a secure manner. For any kind of advertising purpose, if you are seeking sensitive information from the user then make sure that you take extra precautions in handling it. If you are collecting such information, you must do it on a secure server. Moreover, each social media platform has their own data collection policy which mentions the rules all advertisers must follow while collecting data from users. Thus, being an ethical marketer, you must follow these policies while advertising your products.

Don’t try to trick your users

Advertising is misunderstood by a lot of marketers as deceiving users into buying their product. If you are playing it for the long run, try to build trust for your brand through advertising. This can’t be achieved by tricking your users through ads that make false promises and then fail to deliver. Digital marketing already has a bad reputation for such practices. Once a user knows that the advertising was false and the actual product or service was nowhere near it, they will feel frustrated and stop buying from your brand altogether.

Show exact prices

If the advertisement is regarding a specific product or service, showing the exact price for it in the ads can give a huge boost to the CTR. When users know the exact price of any particular thing, the chances of them exploring the product or service increases many folds. It is a basic human psychology where the user tries to discover what value will he get for this price. All the major social media platforms have reported that ads with specific prices perform way better than ads with no mention of pricing at all.

Write a killer magnetic headline

Marketers know it well that nothing can replace the appeal of a good headline. It is the first thing that a user sees in an advertisement. Thus, you need to make sure that the headline is written in the best possible way keeping the users in mind. A sloppy headline doesn’t attract anyone and then nobody pays attention to the advertisement. More than anything else, make the headline attractive and keep it short. Once you have the user’s attention, you need to leverage other things to convert the user to buy your product or service.

Use an attention grabbing image

Images grab the user’s attention much more than a few lines of text can ever do. Almost all the social media platforms let you use images for advertising. Add an image to the advertisement that is eye-catchy and would grab the attention of users without being too flashy. Also, images need to follow the advertising guidelines of the particular platform too. Complement the image with some nice copywriting to sell your product or service and users will definitely click your ads. The image must also give a visual representation of the product or service, if possible.

Be precise in body copy

The body copy of your advertisement is highly important as well. It must be precise and explain exactly what the ad is trying to sell. After being attracted and interested in the advertisement by the headline and the image, users tend to read the body copy to know whether the ad has anything good to offer them. Try including points in your copy that your users would be interested in. Give a small sneak peak about what you are offering and users might want to click the ad and know more.

Do A/B testing

A/B testing is the solution to all your confusions regarding which ad to display. You can either go with an ad that you are fully confident about or else try with different variations to see which one works the best. There are various tools that let you do A/B testing so you can use them to decide the best advertisement that works. Experiment with all the factors of your advertisement including the image, headline, copy, etc. Only when you try out different versions of the ad, you will get to know about the user’s likes and dislikes. A/B testing works great in all kinds of dilemmas.

Final Say

Advertisement on social media promises great targeting and reach. You can create a successful advertisement by following these essential tips. Try going along the lines of all what you have learned and apply it the next time you are creating a social media ad. You will definitely get extraordinary results from them if you implement these tips and then start advertising. Social media platforms hold a huge potential in them to take your brand to new heights but that will be possible only if you opt for the right way of doing it.

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