How to Increase Traffic With Facebook For Free

increase traffic with facebook

If your business is driven by Facebook traffic then you probably need to know how to boost your website with premium social media traffic. To get more Likes and generate a greater fan base on your Facebook page, it is critical to understand the different marketing techniques that help to promote your company and improves sales; especially after the recent changes made to the organic research on Facebook.

We have already talked about the basics of Facebook for Business. Now, you can apply these few tips to increase traffic with Facebook on your company’s website.

How to Increase Traffic With Facebook For Free?

Create Share-Worthy Content on Your Facebook Page

Build up a steady and good quality content to enhance your share-worth on Facebook. Content marketing has become excessively vital with companies and entrepreneurs ensuring that their Facebook page is packed with quality content that can engage the readers and potentially increase sales of their business.

Having a sound content acumen is important which will not only benefit your social media marketing, but also boost your webpage on the SEO aspect. Search engines like Google always give higher ranks to web pages that have fresh, valuable, and new content. This does not mean that you flood your website with new postings every day. Just stick with new and relevant posts that can engage readers. However, keeping a steady pace is essential.

Add Suitable Content Plugin to Enable More Sharing On Facebook

To increase traffic with Facebook on your website, it is obvious that your content must be sharable. That means that you need to use a social media plugin, embedded into your webpage with buttons that enable sharing of content on Facebook easier.

Using buttons, which are floating or static with each post on your fan page, will help readers to share the content instantly. Promote your content by adding a line or two to trigger the sharing process by readers with plugins. People will share content once they find it beneficial for them. Therefore, creation of content while keeping your readers’ and customers’ benefit in mind is essential.

Optimize and Advertise Well

You first need to optimize your Facebook posts and link it to your website. This means you are generating more traffic on your website by using the Facebook fan page and vice-versa.

On your Facebook page, optimize the About section. This will help your online business generate more leads. Add links about your milestones and make sure you implant them well on your website. Use customized and dedicated tabs to link your website to your Facebook page. You should also make sure that your business profile is also well optimized and not neglected.

Paid Advertising

Advertise about your company on Facebook through their paid ads. This will not only create your customer base, but also will yield more optimized results on social media for the creation of new customer base. You can also manage your Facebook ads via Ad Manager that allows you to see the progress and the traffic generation yielded by each ad posted.

Each of your website content should be driving your potential customers to point-of-sales. Thus, you should know why your business needs robust traffic generation with social media to boost your sales, and how it can be done effectively.


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