How To Sell Clothes Online: Learning The Basics

Do you know that there is going to be more than a billion online shoppers in India by 2020? This means a huge market is waiting for you and your business. No matter whether you are new to entrepreneurship or have a physical store, it has become necessary for you to sell clothes online to reach a wider audience and increase your profit shares.

How to sell clothes online? This question is both confusing and haunting. You might not know where to start or just confused about where to sell – on marketplaces or your own website. While selling marketplaces may increase your sales, but it not preferable for long term. If you want to be in the race and even win it, you need an ecommerce business to sell clothes online with your brand name.

While you are in a process of starting your online store, make sure you take care of the following points.

Product Catalogue To Sell Clothes Online

Even before you start building your ecommerce store, make sure that you have your product catalogue ready. This consists of your product name, images, pricing and descriptions. Here is the checklist for preparing the product catalogue to sell clothes online.

Divide Products Into Categories

Choose the products which you want to sell online. Divide them into categories like men, women, kids or unisex. You can further dive them into tops, tunics, ethnic, pants, shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, accessories, etc.

Decide The Price Of The Product

Don’t forget to keep your product prices realistic. Don’t keep too much profit margin in the beginning. Since, apparels have the maximum competition, make sure that you do your research and then fix the price. If you wish to include shipping and payment charges, you can include them in prices as well.

Get Product Images Ready

Get beautiful images clicked for each of your products. Choose different angles and close up so that your customer can judge its appearance and quality. Remember that your images will give an idea about your product to your customer.

Write Compelling Product Descriptions

After images, your product description becomes the selling point for your apparels. Make sure that they focus on the benefits and answer the entire basic question which might come to the mind of your customer. You can also take care of keywords for SEO purpose.

Design Your Website

Whether you are starting your ecommerce store from the scratch or getting it done through a template, make sure that you make sure that you design it well. Choose a template that reflects your products as well as brand. Don’t forget to make it user-friendly so that your user can find products easily.

Choose Payment Method

After your eCommerce website is designed and developed, choose payment option for your customers. If you want online payment option, you will need a payment gateway which accepts net banking and payment through cards. Other than this, you can also go for COD or Cash on Delivery, which is highly preferred by many customers, especially women.

Ship Your Products Safely

Shipping is an important part of any eCommerce website. It is the first real impression of your company. Make sure it is a good one. Firstly, ensure that the products are clean and wrinkle-free. Iron them properly and then pack it in a plastic cover so that it is saved from any harsh weather condition. Don’t forget to put proper invoice, shipping label and other required documents. If needed, give them an instruction manual on washing and ironing.

Marketing Your Products: A Beginning

If you wish to sell clothes online, you have chosen the easiest yet the most competitive ecommerce market. There are tons of online store which sell clothes online. However, it is even the most demanded industries. If you have something unique to offer at the best prices, then you will surely have many visitors visiting your store and buying products. To do this, you need to promote your store. You can opt for all or any of these marketing tactics:

SEO Marketing

This process takes time, but it surely effective. Use the power of keyword and content to get your online store rank in popular search engines. This will increase your website visibility and you can expect a lot of visitors.

Email Marketing

Draft an impeccable emailer showcasing your best products and send it to your potential customers. When you are able to get your brand reach your customer’s inbox, they will open it and visit your website. If your products are good, then traffic and sales will automatically increase.

Paid Advertisement

Spend money and use Google and Facebook Advertisement to reach your audience easily. Choose your audience, region and budget and start advertising your product and store easily.

Content Marketing

Use the power of the pen (in the words of the internet, it’s the keyboard) to write high quality blogs and website content and market it to your potential customer. This will help you generate traffic and therefore, increasing sales.

The above are, more or less the basics to sell clothes online. If you have any other hacks which help you set up your apparel store, let us know. Leave your comments below.


Saahil Goel

Founder & CEO at Shiprocket

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Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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