How To Sell Painting Online & Exhibit Your Art

sell paintings online

For an artist to sell his artwork beyond the barriers of the exhibition halls is tempting. The virtual medium has offered the scope for merchandising a plethora of diverse products. The inclusion of artworks is quite a boon for small scale artists who struggle to get their work exhibited.

The processes involved in how to sell paintings online should be carefully observed and implemented for doing business online. Online marketing strategies should be followed in order to ensure that the artworks receive due exposure. The ‘know’ ability factor is important, and an easy way to find things on the Internet is via Google searches. Thus, it’s imperative to optimize your web pages and site name well, so that they easily populate on the top search engine results, when interested users try to find similar businesses as yours. .

Standing within a huge crowd of artists even in the virtual world won’t help your art neither improves your business prospects. Therefore, any artist desirous of earning money through his or her artwork should meticulously plan the website to make it stand apart from other websites consisting of a milieu of artworks by various artists. Generating traffic and urging people to view your artworks is necessary, but being way to loquacious can be counterproductive.

If you are wondering how to sell painting online, then you have delved into the nitty-gritty of the procedure, you will find it fascinating and entailing minimum publicity costs. Read on.

Sell Painting Online On All Available Sources

Social networking has immensely helped individual artists to enter the realm of independent entrepreneurship. Maintaining an eCommerce website with a good introduction of the artist and the art is mandatory. The website should also include credentials, detailed contact information, and further information for prospective customers.

Posting blogs on your website regularly will reveal your dedication to countless viewers. Incorporating your website on your social networking sites will create a fan following and will generate more traffic for your site. Try to gather as much traffic as possible for website even if you use social networking sites. Make sure that people are redirected to your website by clicking an upload on your social networking page.

But, for instance, if you do not currently possess a website, then as an artist seeking virtual exposure you can setup your online store, go online and start selling

Be Focused And Unique

Once you have the requisite space for representing your artwork, try not to deviate from your main objective. Your website containing your artworks should not be cluttered with useless snapshots of family and friends. Textual information and primarily the presence of text in the website will help search engines to locate your website for viewers, but that does not imply that you will clog the website with chunks of unrelated textual inputs.

It should never be forgotten that the website is for masquerading your artworks and not anything else. The photos of the paintings should be carefully crafted just like the paintings. Adequate emphasis should be given to creating an eye- catching and pertinent background.

Easy Transactions And Customer Services

The following directives will further help an artist to sell paintings online: pricing all the artworks on sale is equally important because customers are not going to wait to inquire about prices. An inquiry section should be there for any customer complaints or questions and prompt replies are admired. If possible, a detailed process of buying and shipping should be given.

Easier, faster and universally accepted payment options should be used, which also allows the artists to handle their own sales without external influences. All kinds of credit and debit cards should be accepted. Customer care services are of utmost importance because they are the ones who will buy your paintings so keeping a good relationship with all customers is significant.

So, are you ready to exhibit your artwork to the world? Then, start your online store with us today. 🙂


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