How to Sell Products Online in India

How to Sell Products Online in India

With the advancement of the internet today, more and more people are thinking about selling online. This can be a great way to earn a good amount of money without any hassle and capital investment. So if you are thinking about making some good money, go for an internet business. Thanks to globalization, India has now become one of the strongest economies in the world and its infrastructure has also increased leaps and bounds. In addition to the urban areas and cities, even the rural populace now has access to the internet. With the Digital India initiative, the spread of the internet is expected to grow more. eCommerce is now an established business platform in the country and so it’s a great idea to sell products even from your home through the internet.

Consider these points when starting to sell online:

  • Identify your niche target audience, because once you are able to identify the target market, you can easily get prospective customers who will be interested in your product or service.
  • The next step of starting an online business is to identify a proper web platform that will promote your products or services. In order to give it a better ranking in the search engines, you can use search marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  • You also need to allocate certain costs, such as shipping, packaging (0.5%-2%), and payment gateway, and so on in addition to your product.
  • Have an idea of the items that you would like to sell. Here is a list of fast and highest-selling products in India to help you choose one. You need to prepare a digital catalog of the products and include details, such as name, description, SKU code, MRP, and so on.
  • Also, do not forget to provide photos of the product as it creates the first impression. Remember that the customer does not have the scope to physically test your item, so a good photo is a must.

Choosing the right platform to sell products online in India

eCommerce has come a long way in India and you can choose your favorite web platform to sell your products as per your preferences and budget. It’s important that you choose the right websites to sell your products online in India to reach the right audience for your items.

Typically there are three ways by you can choose your online selling platforms:

  • eCommerce Marketplaces: These offer a very simple way to sell products online. You just need to register in these marketplaces by providing details, such as the PAN details, VAT registration number, and bank details. The main advantage is that these sites are very cost-effective and popular among the masses. Some of the popular ones include Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Kraftly, etc.
  • Setting up Web Store: There are quite a few advanced eCommerce store development platforms that allow you to create your own web store and sell online. These platforms host your web store on their server and reach millions of customers online. You have to register on these sites, avail their packages, and upload your product catalog. From organizing the product catalog to ultimate web hosting, everything is taken care of. Some of the popular platforms include KartRocket, Kraftly, Shopify, etc.
  • Creating an eCommerce Website: You can also set up your own eCommerce website. You need to buy a domain, set up the whole navigation process, web development, and other details. You have to take care of the search engine optimization aspects too. However, for a big business, a website is quite helpful as it helps to build a distinct identity.

By choosing the right platform as per your requirements, you can easily sell goods online in India and abroad to make a lucrative business.

Benefits of selling online in India

If you have a computer/mobile phone with an internet connection at home, and also intend to earn some extra bucks through it, starting an internet business can be an ideal option for you. With the advent of technology today, the internet has become a great medium of communication and helps you get high returns and profit.

Some of the benefits of selling goods online:

  • It does not take a lot of effort to sell products through the internet. Unlike other types of conventional businesses where hefty capital investment is required, you can easily start your online business with your computer/mobile from your home.
  • Another advantage of the internet-based business is that you can enjoy the flexibility of time. You can easily work from the comfort of your home according to your preferences. Unlike other businesses, there are also no stiff targets involved and you can adjust your timings and efforts accordingly.
  • Because the internet can reach thousands of people within a minute, you can also reach a wider range of prospective customers. Moreover, your target audience is not confined to a particular geographical location. You can reach out to millions of customers. This can provide a big boost to your promotion and marketing and help you get more customers in one go.

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