A Complete Guide On How To Sell Used Car Online

how to sell used car online

Selling used cars years ago was a challenge. However, with the advent of the internet, selling used cars is swift, efficient, and profitable, especially if you go the Web way. This article shares an insight on how to sell used car online, and will come handy, if you are contemplating on selling your car anytime soon.

How To Sell Used Car Online: Getting Started

Thanks to eCommerce, today anybody can sell any items (new or used) within minutes. Also, it is a great business opportunity where you can simply start selling used cars online. For potential buyers, the authenticity of that used car is a headache. If you start this business and take care of this, you can earn good profits.

To get started, you need to source used cars to start selling them online. It can be from your home, friends, relatives or simply source it from classified ads platforms like Olx, Sulekha, etc. These online advertising websites provide a range of options and help you to connect with the private sellers and dealers who wants to sell vehicles online at the best possible price.

Taking The Ecommerce Route

After you have found source from where you can get used to sell online, you can start creating your website. In case, you don’t want to invest too much, you can always go with a free online store option. All you need is a choose a template, prepare your product catalog and get started.

Creating Product Catalog

If you wish to sell used car online, then its image and description is extremely important. Instead of taking images from the internet, try to upload images of the car so that your customer gets an exact view. Take images from different angle, interior shots and in good light.

Also, mention details like year, make and model, color, current mileage, selling price (or simply ask for price quote) and other vehicle history along with NOC letter, car paper available, etc. in the product description. Remember the most accurate and detailed information you provide the chances of potential customer increases.

Evaluating the Sales Price

To evaluate the selling price of your used car, its mileage, the condition of the car, and the geographical location play a pivotal role. You may conduct an online research on prominent used car selling websites to determine the best sales price of your vehicle. These platforms have embedded calculators that automatically determine the worth of your vehicle once you input details like make, model, manufacturing year, and location of your auto.

Negotiation is a skill

To sell used car online, price negotiation is mandatory. Your customer will surely expect this. Negotiation is the key to breaking a good deal, so prepare in advance to answer the possible inquiries from the potential buyers.

After this, you can start promoting your online store via various platforms like email, social media, SMS, etc. Initially, you will need a little investment to promote your store. Also, word of mouth works wonder. Therefore, let your initial customer take your brand name ahead.

With these easy tips on how to sell a used car online, you can make the process of car sales faster and more productive, because you are prepared with the right ammo!


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