Important Benefits And Tips For Managing An Faq Page

Time is money. We know how important time is for each one of us. And if you are one of those business owners, customer relationships are equally important for you. There is one very important an easy way that will not only help you save time but also build customer relationships. – FAQ Page!

What is an FAQ page?

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions page is a section on your website where you’ll normally address the prospective problems faced by your customers. These pages are just as important as the home and the order now pages on the website. It has been noted that after visiting the Home page people usually check out the FAQ page. The value that an FAQ page may bring is just worth the effort that goes in framing the page.

FAQ page must be able to:

  • Provide succinct and a clear message about your company
  • Serve as an online customer service center
  • Cut down the repetitive enquirers

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Who needs an FAQ page?

It is true that not every site needs an FAQ page however, if you are providing a service or selling a product or giving out complex information, you must definitely have an FAQ page. Every company that has an FAQ page is known to benefit from it. It is a means to direct the potential customers or clients to know about the company in detail. Be it information relating to the technical stuff, design process, terms or payment and delivery mechanism, an FAQ page does put people at ease. Moreover, what is written is final. You or the customer will never be able to change, modify or alter to create discrepancies.

Benefits of an FAQ Page

There are several benefits of having an FAQ page. Here we have highlighted 5 of these benefits.

Search Engines Love FAQ
Do you wish to rank your website high on search engines like Bing and Google? If yes, you’ll need good content and lots of it. FAQ indeed is the most ideal place to offer an abundance amount of information that too in an interesting manner. You can use keywords or top phrases that will help you be located on the search engine. With FAQ page people wish to learn with FACTS. So, use this opportunity and reiterate the features, benefits and the key selling points via the FAQ page.

Your visitors love it
FAQs give you a chance to tell your prospective customers that you care for them. You have to be nothing but helpful and positive. So, provide as much data as possible by way of the FAQ page. You can do this by dividing the information into bite-sized Question and Answers. This data will be easier to read and comprehend. Conclusively, you’ll stand apart from your competition.

Relieves the work of Customer Service Department
An absolute FAQ or an ideal FAQ page is drafted in a manner that it answers all the questions that would have otherwise gone to your sales or the customer service team, thereby saving their time. In this way, an FAQ page can function as a major component in customer education.

Decision maker in times of objection
FAQs can be the best place to look up to in times to objections. One major objection that buyers face is that your products are costlier than the products of your competitors. For that, you can use the question and answers section and explain to the buyer the reason behind the additional cost. Bring forth the great features and the bigger benefits that your product brings. Use this as a tool to convince the cautious buyers to make a purchase by keeping their fear aside.

Creates Links to the Main Page
With FAQs you can promote some of your main pages. Just write questions that target specific pages. When you answer the questions, you can include links to the target page. The links will help the search engines find the products and will also improve the traffic on the target pages. You can also write a blog post that may be relevant to the FAQ and link it to your FAQ page. This detailed information may seem helpful for the buyer.

Common Inadequacies in an FAQ

Most businesses think that an FAQ is a page to dump all the miscellaneous or useless information. However, that is definitely not how it works. This perhaps is the biggest reason why customers tend to find several inadequacies in an FAQ page.

These include:

  • The question answered on the page may be frequently asked, but that’s not what answers my query. Where is the answer to ‘my’ question?
  • The answers are basic and useless.
  • Answers are out of date.
  • There is no order of the questions. I have to keep hunting up and down, looking for my query.

Tips for Managing an FAQ Page

1.    Give necessary thought
FAQs should include genuine concerns or questions that your customers must have expressed. Don’t just make up any question that you think your customer should ask you. Think of yourself as a customer and then jot down everything that you as a customer would want to know.
2.    Organize it
Next, you have to split up your FAQs into sections or categories. This will be necessary to help the customers find what they are looking for with ease.
3.    Make it easy to read
All the answers that you put in FAQs must be clear, precise, brief and easy to read and comprehend. It must not only save your time but also save the time of your customers.
4.    Address Tough Questions too
This can get tricky at times but if answered properly, it can attract a lot of customers. For instance, you can put questions like, ‘how do you price the products?’ To answer this, you can begin with acceptance, ‘we agree our products are priced a little higher than the competitors but this is because . . . ‘
5.    Note the questions that the sales representatives repeatedly face
Is there a particular question that is repeatedly been asked by the sales team? Note it down! Have you included it in the FAQs page?

  • No? – Include it right away
  • Yes? – Try and make it self explanatory

6.    Be specific
Get over the geek speak. Don’t use unnecessary jargon’s. Be as specific as possible. If needed, use the layman’s language. Just tell your folks all that they want to know.

Final Say

Your FAQs can never be static. There maybe times when customers come up with new questions or you yourself might find better ways to answer your questions. If you do, evolve and move towards the better! Every little investment that you make in your FAQs page will just be minor when compared to the degree of time you’ll end up saving in the long run!

Puneet Bhalla

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