Improve user conversion and discovery with our new marketing engine

Upgrade your Kartrocket store to “intelligence commerce”

Wouldn’t it be great if your web store could automatically create recommended product lists for users based on their browsing behavior on your site?
How about use data and intelligence of over all visitors to recommend similar products to view or buy?
And if it could pull out the best products in each category automatically and make browsing and discovery easier for your users?

Well now you can! We’ve bundled these powerful marketing features with all our plans so you sit back and run your business, while our algorithms help you create user delight and improve conversions by as much as 40%!

Lets talk about some of these features:

A. Trending in Category

If you see the example from below, this serves as a great discovery tool for users to find the best products in a certain category (wallets in this case) and is automatically merchandised based on real-time data on views and conversions.

B. Live Feed

This is a really cool one to add to your home page. Let your users discover what other users are adding to their carts, viewing and liking right now! Checkout an example from

C. Recommended Products

We’re using proven recommendation algorithms to predict products that users will like to buy and place this right on the homepage. This is great for repeat users and has shown to improve conversions by 3x for repeat users. Here’s how it looks on

D. Viewed This, Also Viewed That

Amazon has been doing this forever. Use visitor generated data to recommend products based on a current product your users are viewing. The idea is to enable the best discovery (and ultimately conversion) experience for your buyers.

So get ready to put your discovery and merchandising on auto-pilot and enable these exciting features in your admin area today!

You can activate this on your store by going to Marketing > Convert Traffic > Widgets from the left menu in your Kartrocket admin area.

Following is a complete list of all widgets available with this product upgrade:

1. Recently Viewed

Let users easily access their browsing history whenever they visit your site by going back to products they’ve recently viewed.

2. Top Selling Products (across website)

Shows users the most sold products across the website. This should help your users quickly discover the most converting products and will help you boost sales.

3. Top Selling Products (for a category)

Shows users the most sold products in the current category the user is on. This should help users discover better and reach a purchase decision quicker.

4. New Arrivals (across website)

Auto merchandize the latest products being added on your website on the homepage to keep it fresh. Freshness of content not only helps your search engine rankings it also helps convert repeating users coming back. Even for new users, all you need to do is add your products and this widget will automatically merchandize on your home page.

5. New Arrivals (for a category)

Auto merchandize the latest products being added on your website on a certain category page to keep it fresh. Freshness of content at a category page level not only helps your search engine rankings it also helps convert repeating users coming back. Even for new users, all you need to do is add your products to a category and this widget will automatically merchandize on your category page.

6. Trending Products (across website)

While the most sold products will definitely help boost conversions, products with a high number of views helps get the discovery process started. Also, your site will have a lot more views than buys, so automatically this is a great widget to boost discovery and user experience. You can use the homepage widget to show data for most viewed products across the site.

7. Trending Products (for a category)

Similar to the widget for the homepage, the trending products widget on the category page helps in showing the most viewed products within that category. The intention is to use data on product views and generate lists of products on the top of the page in real-time that can help other users discover and then convert better.

8. Recommended Products

This is a one of it’s kind algorithm that can automatically generate personalized recommendations for your users based on your previous behavior. Several parameters such as product view history, category view history, purchase history, wishlist history, add to cart history and repeat purchase behavior are taken into consideration to build a robust list of recommendations that are bound to wow your users. Retain your user base by showing them just the products they’re expecting to see — all on autopilot!

Product Page Widgets

9. Related Products

Automatically show products related to the current product user is viewing.
People Who Viewed This Also Viewed That
Use wisdom of the crowds to generate a list of products based on user views. So if 100 people view a product, say a Black Leather Bag and the same 100 people also view a Red Leather Belt, both products will show up on each other’s widget. This is a great widget to boost discovery and to eliminate “dead ends” when users don’t find the product they like and scroll to the bottom to find other products like the one they’re currently viewing.

10. People Who Bought This Also Bought That

Similar to views (described above), you can boost conversions by showing products to users that are frequently bought together. This greatly helps upselling (and cross selling to some extent). Large e-commerce marketplaces have been doing it for ages. Now you can do it too!


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