How to Increase Traffic on Your Online Store Using Traffic IQ

So, you have created a beautiful website with amazing products at the best prices. You know that your online store has the power to turn strangers into visitors and visitors into loyal customer. But Alas! You have failed to increase traffic to your website for the zillionth time. Sound familiar?

Speak to any ecommerce store owner about their wish list for their online store and the primary need will be ‘increase traffic & sales.’ Working for ecommerce platform provider myself, I have come across many cases where the merchant’s products are amazing but they are not getting proper traffic. It might be because your product is nice, but you are not marketing it properly to look beautiful.

Many entrepreneurs want to create their online store and start selling products as early as possible. In this process, they ignore one of the most important part of business, Marketing. They look at this from a bird’s eye view without any plan. Slowly, marketing becomes a major headache for them. However, a systematic tool to increase traffic and sales on your website always comes in handy

Traffic IQ: On A Mission To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Since, running an online business is a Herculean task for many ecommerce entrepreneurs, KartRocket has tried to take out some pain from our clients and come up with a unique traffic generator tool, which will help you generate genuine traffic and hence, increase sales. To take out this pain from KartRocket merchants and help them solve the marketing maze, Kartrocket has come up with a unique traffic generator tool.

Traffic IQ is an intelligent traffic generator tool that is pre-integrated with numerous genuine affiliate sites like OMG, DGM, V-Commission, Tyroo, to name a few. It is absolutely free for KartRocket merchants with zero upfront fees. With Traffic IQ, our team has tried to bridge the gap between merchants and affiliate market so that your site will drive good and genuine traffic.

Why Your Online Store Needs Traffic IQ

Unlimited Traffic

We have already mentioned this numerous time. Traffic IQ is the easiest way to increase traffic ( any by traffic, we mean genuine traffic) on your website. Your product will be listed on numerous sites so that the gap between your products and customers are narrowed down to the minimum.

Increase Sales

Needless to say that when your website will drive genuine traffic, the sales will automatically increase sales on your website, which is your primary motto.

Zero Commission On Traffic

There is no upfront cost for KartRocket merchants to use Traffic IQ. Also, you don’t need to pay a single penny for the traffic. All you need to pay a commission of 4% to 20% ranging from different categories.

Save Time And Money

With Traffic IQ, you can save a lot of time which you might have wasted on looking for reliable affiliate sites and listing it down for your business.

No Compromise On Your Brand Name

Since, all the traffic will be directed to your website, your customer will know from where he/she is buying. Knowing your brand name, they might come back or recommend your store to others.

100% Transparency

Once you sign up with Traffic IQ, you can easily check the list of affiliate markets. Also, keep a check on the number of clicks/sales and the source of traffic.

Getting Started With Traffic IQ

Sign Up

Signing up for Traffic is easier than signing up for Facebook. Just follow these steps:

• Log in to your KartRocket store. After logging in, look for Traffic IQ on the Category list on the left side of the screen. If your screen is different from the below screenshot, then click on “Switch to Version 2”

increase traffic using traffic iq

• Once you click on it, the following screen will come. Read the complete agreement carefully.

increase traffic using Traffic IQ

• After you are done with it, go to its footer and type your name. Click on “Accepted.”

use traffic iq to increase traffic

Category Mapping

Category Mapping will help you choose product or categories, which you want to list on affiliate sites.

• Once you sign up with Traffic IQ, click on Category Mapping.

• Here, you can choose the product category, which you want to list down on affiliate sites of Traffic IQ.

• Choose Store Categories. Look for the same category in Traffic IQ categories. Choose your audience and click on the “tick.”

category mapping to increase traffic

• Similarly, add other categories. As soon as you complete the category mapping, your products will be listed on the affiliate sites.

Have you signed up with Traffic IQ for your store? Did you find it useful? We will love to know!

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder,

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