Payu Money Upgraded To V2 For Better Real-time Tracking In Kartrocket Store!

We are glad to announce that the upgraded version of ‘PayU Money’ payment gateway is now available in KartRocket admin panel by the name of ‘PayU Money V2’.

You can now integrate with the updated version of the app and keep track of all your online payments. With ‘PayU Money V2’ you have the facility to get complete information about the various stages of the payment. In the single screen, you can easily get all the transaction ids for the various stages which could be very helpful for backtracking. The features also help you serve your customers better as you will now have complete information about the order status, whether it is pending at the Bank’s end or failed. In the earlier version, the payment status used to take around 1-2 hrs to reflect in the store.

Payment tracking would be visible in the Order History section of the admin panel. For all the orders which are paid by choosing the new app as a option the tracking would be updated in the comments section

‘Order History’ screen of admin panel:

To integrate with the updated version of ‘PayU Money’, please follow below steps :

  1. Login to your store admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Payment Options Section and find ‘PayU Money’ & ‘PayU Money V2’ apps.
  3. Install ‘PayU Money V2’ app.
  4. Open settings of ‘PayU Money’ & ‘PayU Money V2’ apps in separate tabs.
  5. Copy the payment setting from ‘PayU Money’ to ‘PayU Money V2’ app.
  6. Please change the ‘Name’ field in ‘PayU Money V2’ app with the label you want to show on the storefront.
  7. Place a test order choosing the updated ‘PayU Money V2’ option as a payment method.
  8. Once the order is successfully placed and the payment tracking is visible in the back end, go ahead and uninstall the ‘PayU Money’ app.

Please find below the Setting Screen for ‘PayU Money V2’ app 


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