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Itskart is the brainchild of Narayana Swamy, a veteran with over 35 years of experience in Banking sector. He started the online store with a unique intention, a portion of the earnings through the website is used for the benefits of the society. The fund is circulated for the well being of the artisans, the education of children more inclined towards girls education, and sanitation facility.

Hence improves their living conditions and provides them financial independence not just for their daily needs but would also help them support their family and provide better education to their children so that they know the real value of the talent they possess and would help them to ensure it is continued for generations to come.

Let’s gauge our deeper understanding into the journey of Itskart.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own store?

It was basically after retirement I wanted to do something of my own, since every products is in market it took time so as to what exactly and where the market is. We thought it’s all about demand & supply, people are looking to buy products which they get in offline stores. Most online players lack to create an ecosystem where users can shop for their necessities. Itskart took this as an opportunity which pays back to the society.

What is so unique about your online store?


Our USP are such that no other are offering same products which we offer, we have also set a part of our funds to be distributed to better sanitation and hygiene facilities. Some portion also goes for the education for artisans kids and girls in channapatna.

What were the major challenges did you face while starting up?

Well there were many, but the major one was to convince vendors to supply us products because the volume we used to take was very less. However they were very supportive and we finally managed to sail through.

Any learning you want to share with fellow entrepreneurs?

There will be lot of people who would discourage you for all the logical reasons. But it’s your sole responsibility to stand against all the odds for your idea. I would advice you all to have faith in whatever you do, things might take time but if done with a right attitude it will definitely turn out to be productive.

How was your experience with KartRocket?

It was the BEST ,indeed we lost funds twice due to many reasons , we didn’t have robust marketing plan, before I taught to circulate it on FB and watsapp and make business, but I was wrong the business itself was abandoned for few months before i heard of KartRocket, its a wonderful journey with Rupam Nandi, Shilpa verma and tyyab Zafar each one playing different roles, in fact i use to send mail for update for which i use to receive positive replies, and now has finally taken shape as i wanted earlier to be., KUDOS TO ENTIRE TEAM!!!

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